A new state-of-the-art development at St Mary’s Hall Pre-Prep is enhancing learning opportunities for the youngest pupils at Stonyhurst

Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall Pre-Prep provides a vibrant and rich learning environment for the very youngest pupils at the school.

Its popularity has meant that in recent years it has been over-subscribed but, over the summer holidays, work is underway to expand the Pre-Prep building in order to offer more places for youngsters aged from three to seven.

“We have to keep ahead in our development and be innovative in how we teach children in Early Years and Key Stage 1,” explains Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall headmaster, Ian Murphy.

The sympathetic extension will blend with the original building, which is located in a perfect position at the heart of the St Mary’s Hall campus and just a short walk from Stonyhurst College.

With a woodland classroom, tennis dome and swimming pool also close by the youngsters have access to facilities unrivalled throughout the Ribble Valley.

“The position on the Stonyhurst estate means children, from an early age, have access to all the very best facilities with specialist teaching including tennis and swimming coaching. From Early Years they have a specialist language (French) tutor and they have access to dance and drama and of course, to the richness of the historic Stonyhurst Collection that provides them with a wealth of learning opportunities.”

“At whatever age children start, it is the start of their exciting journey through Stonyhurst. They are taking the first small steps to becoming part of the school’s history and identity.”

The two new state-of-the-art classrooms will create a flexible, multi- purpose learning space that will be used by Early Years children: “The extra Pre-Prep room will mean teaching can be even more child-centred. It also gives us the capability to meet rising demand,” adds Mr Murphy.

Pre-Prep children socialise and eat with the older children – so transition from the Pre-Prep is seamless when the time comes.

The Pre-Prep school day is ultimately flexible in terms of after-school pick-up. The day starts at 8am and pick-up can be at 3.30pm, 5pm or 6pm as there are after-school activities and tea-time club, a bonus for busy working families.

Flexi-boarding is also available from the age of seven at St Mary’s Hall.

If parents are keen to learn more about the new Pre-Prep facilities, they are always most welcome to visit.

“The children bring such warmth and vibrancy, they breathe life into the school,” adds Mr Murphy.

The new extension will be on display at the school’s Open Day in October, but the school is happy to arrange visits at any time. The admissions team will set up and personalise individual appointments.

For more information about the Pre-Prep at St Mary’s Hall please contact Helen Eastham the Admissions Registrar on 01254 826242

Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall
Clitheroe BB7 9PU
01254 826242



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