Westholme is renowned for evolving, adapting and thriving

Since 1923 when Westholme opened the educational doors to three pupils, we have been moving with the times, protecting our proud history and yet welcoming in a dynamic future. As we begin a new academic year in September, this ethos holds true. The school will become fully co-educational in response to parental demand, emerging trends and opportunity to enhance and further our curricular and co-curricular opportunities. From exciting trips and adventures and experts in their field who share knowledge, to our inspirational teaching within the classroom, boys and girls at Westholme really do have endless opportunities to enrich their school lives.

Students at Westholme have welcomed evolution with little more than an enthusiastic, cursory nod. Boys and girls have always been educated together in our Infant School, and likewise at Sixth Form for the last couple of years. The shared experience and stimulus of working together has been notably successful. Similarly, girls and boys have been located in the same campus at Juniors and Seniors for the last seven years – for them it is little more than the next logical step. Westholme is now almost equally split between genders throughout the school, so there already exists a feeling of balance and harmony.

As we move towards our centenary, Westholme has never been in better shape to meet the opportunities of educating pupils from Nursery through to Sixth Form. The core values we have always been celebrated for remain – building self-confidence, creating kind, well-adjusted individuals with an appetite for learning and a belief that anything is possible. Exciting times indeed!

Westholme School
Wilmar Lodge, Meins Road, Blackburn BB2 6QU
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