With an appealing ‘big cat’ logo, a new global sports and athleisure wear brand is now exclusively available in the UK from a Ribble Valley-based company

Respected sports and athleisure wear company Peak15 has just launched an exciting, new Portuguese brand, Great I Am, for which they have UK exclusivity.

Renowned for stand-out design, hi-tech fabrics and the instantly recognisable ‘big cat’ logo, Great I Am has developed a worldwide track record for luxury sport and athleisure wear that will take you to the gym, on a run or meeting up for a (socially distanced) morning catch-up with friends!

Andy Murray of Peak15, which stocks a wide online collection of Great I Am womenswear, explains: “We are thrilled to be the only Great I Am UK stockist. It has great brand appeal and is well known for fantastic design.

“The consistency and durability of the fabrics was also a big deal for us, as well as it being great value.”

With a multi-generational appeal, Great I Am, which was launched in 2013 now competes alongside some of the best sports wear brands in the business: “In terms of quality and really outstanding design, we would compare it to some of the UK’s top producers of sport athleisure wear,” adds Andy.

“But the price point makes it much more accessible. And, in terms of good continuity and supply, it is fantastic.”

With Spain, Italy and France also stocking the Great I Am name, Peak15 was delighted to join forces with the brand: “Initially I was looking for a brand that ticked all the boxes in terms of good design and quality. We had a long discussion with Great I Am and they liked what Peak15 is doing. They like the fact that the brand will have a major online presence and having UK exclusivity, it made sense for us to snap them up!” says Andy, who also retails Kukri women’s sportswear from the Peak15 website.

As well as the website Andy can be seen retailing sportwear at Clitheroe, Garstang and Kendal markets: “We have something for everyone! Sport and leisurewear appeals to people across the board.”

Expect to see more of Great I Am over the coming months on social media and at local gyms as Andy continues to drive awareness of this sought-after brand.

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