Cass Preston has a wealth of hairdressing experience and is using her knowledge and expertise to help those suffering the devastation of hair loss at her luxurious new salon, writes Gail Bailey

“Hair loss is incredibly distressing for the person involved and at The Volume Clinic, as well as supplying and fitting high-quality wigs, we are also pleased to be able to offer an innovative new mesh integration system,” explains Cass.

This mesh system is custom-made and colour-matched to the hair, achieving a seamless, natural appearance. It is hypoallergenic and breathable, which means that the system will remain comfortable and feel just the same as natural hair would.

“It is a fantastic product,” Cass further explains. “The beauty of the technique is the freedom it gives clients, as it looks and feels just like their real hair. It can be washed, brushed and straightened, curled and styled as normal and is perfect for clients suffering with all causes of hair loss including alopecia, chemotherapy, trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder), diet or age-related hair loss and medication. The mesh integration system is the perfect solution to help mask any hair loss issue and help clients feel more confident on a daily basis.”

The mesh, which sits comfortably on top of a clients existing hair is secured with silicone lined micro rings. The natural hair is not cut or shaved and will just hibernate underneath the breathable mesh. Master partings which are used to disguise visible hair loss on the top/crown areas of the hair and wefts (individual hair strands) are then attached to the mesh system to create a discreet and very real looking head of hair.

Cass is able to offer a bespoke one-to-one service to discuss a client’s exact needs at the new salon – the moment you step into The Volume Clinic you feel a sense of calm. With the added convenience of more flexible appointments, the studio has the same high level of luxury that has always been synonymous with Cass’s former salon, Lusso Hair of Whalley.

“We understand totally how people feel if they are suffering hair loss, for whatever reason, and at The Volume Clinic we can offer a free 30-minute consultation in completely private surroundings,” says Cass.

For further information and appointments call 01254 823333 or email: hello@thevolumeclinic.co.uk

The Volume Clinic
2 Eden Gardens, Brockhall Village
Old Langho BB6 8HW
01254 823333



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