Since first opening its doors 14 months ago PLM Health & Fitness in Whalley is helping to adopt a sustainable healthier lifestyle. Gail Bailey met with Phil Moss BSc (Hons) MA to find out more about their innovative approach. Photography: Robin Lyndon

With over 18 years’ experience in the health and fitness sector Phil Moss is certainly an expert when it comes to motivating, advising and devising fitness plans to help clients reach their goals. PLM Health & Fitness is more than just a gym, and really does offer a bespoke service where clients are looked after as individuals.

“Consistency is the key message,” explains Phil. “In an industry focused on quick fixes we are showing a different, more effective way, and we can offer our clients a plan to turn their lifestyle around.”

Phil explains that by using a holistic approach, with attention to physical and mental health, a client will see long-term benefits: “It is more about a preventative method – often people will join a gym in January, giving up the food and drink they think are unhealthy and then revert to their old lifestyle within a couple of months. It’s better to make small changes gradually, which are easier to sustain.”

The atmosphere in PLM Health and Fitness is designed to make clients feel welcome and motivated, from the lighting to the state-of-the-art equipment, and no industry marketing posters promoting a particular body image, which is a refreshing change: “What we do here isn’t about promoting body image,” explains Phil. “Our concept is about resetting people’s priorities towards physical and mental health. We are here for everybody regardless of age, ability or fitness, to help sustain a healthy mind and body.”

Based within PLM is Sara Dewhurst of The Well Nest, who is a Wellness Psychologist specialising in health behaviour change and education. Together the two businesses can offer a truly integrated approach, offering the benefits of combined physical and mental wellbeing via the newly launched PLM Wellness Membership.

This unique membership gives the opportunity to have four personal training sessions and four wellbeing sessions per year, along with monthly training reviews, one guest pass per month and two classes per week: “What’s also important about our Wellness Membership is the fact that you have a network of experts supporting you every step of the way. We recognise that, for many, life is busy, with less opportunity for downtime, and this new approach means that the advice is there to help you focus on goals, reinforce new habits and stay on track.”

Being the only local gym to offer a 24/7 service, and with more than 45 stations of the latest premium Technogym equipment, along with expert advice on all aspects of health, psychology and nutrition, there really is a complete service to meet all your needs.

PLM Health & Fitness & The Well Nest
Abbey Works, Back King Street
Whalley BB7 9SP
01254 781777



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