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A new sustainable, organic fashion brand that launched in Clitheroe last year, is gradually expanding. Photography: Kirsten Platt

When Clitheroe resident, Alex Young, decided just last year that he wanted to start embroidering t-shirts and launch a sustainable fashion brand, his partner, Charlotte Eccles, was, to put it mildly, sceptical.

“I’m not going to lie, I thought it was the copious amounts of lockdown margaritas talking,” she laughs.

Twelve months on, Dripp’d Organic Apparel has a growing product range, an increasing number of stockists and Charlotte has had to admit she was wrong. “Not something she does often,” Alex reveals.

Her initial doubts were perhaps not totally unjustified though. Sports Science graduate and longtime salesman, Alex doesn’t have a background in design, embroidery or fashion. What he does have though, is an eye for style, keen attention to detail and a partner with a lot of retail contacts!

An established figure on Clitheroe’s high street, Charlotte opened the popular lifestyle store, Raffia, 12 years ago and prides herself on building strong relationships with fellow retailers and small business owners.

One such business owner, local illustrator Lucie Cooke, was brought on board to transform Alex’s ‘questionable scribbles’ into workable designs and only then did Charlotte agree to trial a few pieces of the organic clothing in her shop.

“I have a great customer base and knew I could trust them to give me honest feedback about the range,” she enthuses. By Christmas, following a few tweaks, it was clear it was something the pair needed to pursue.

The couple have since added a range of recycled bags to the Dripp’d portfolio. These have rapidly become one of Raffia’s bestselling lines and have helped the brand expand into other stores.

“After we made the decision to concentrate on wholesaling, we wanted to include a product range that would sit well in numerous shops,” Alex explains.

“The bags are a great addition and the fact they use 100 per cent recycled fabric means they fit our brand criteria perfectly.”

On top of choosing high-quality, ethical fabrics, Alex makes sure to only embroider to order so there is no surplus stock – further highlighting the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Moving forward, the duo are looking to extend their stockist list, as well as launch a full range of caps and hats. Although it would seem Alex’s main focus is to be able to afford a new Instagram model. “People must be sick of seeing my mug on there,” he jokes.

Local stockists include Raffia and La Tete et Tout in Clitheroe and Live Like the Boy in Colne.

38 King Street, Clitheroe BB7 2EU
01200 538086



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