Fabulous Fathers

16th June is Father’s Day, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be celebrated as much as Mother’s Day, writes Tracy Hargreaves

Father’s Day is a day to honour fathers and celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of dads in society. Many countries mark it on the third Sunday of June, though it is also widely celebrated on other days by many other countries.

However, Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tell your dad that he’s the best and to thank him for the little and big things he does for you. And let’s face it, he still deserves a day of cards and treats.

But do you always struggle for ideas of what to buy? Sometimes it’s not just about the material presents you get, but about spending time with him. So, look for activities you can do together, where you can both create memories.

There are lots of experience days that offer something different. How about a wine, beer or whisky tasting? If he’s into sport, many football clubs offer tours of their stadiums. A behind the scenes look around his favourite club could be the perfect gift.

How about tickets to a show, open air theatre, outdoor cinema screening, comedy club or a sporting event. There’s always plenty going on, just check out the local what’s on guides.

The Runway Visitors Park near Manchester Airport is offering two tours on Father’s Day. One of Concorde and the other of Concorde and Nimrod. Both include a two-course carvery, served in the Concorde Hangar, dining beneath Concorde, as well as a certificate to remind you of your tour. Visit www.runwayvisitorpark.co.uk/aircraft-tours/book-a-tour to find out more information and to book.

If the weather is nice, you could do something as simple as taking your dad for a walk in the park or countryside, followed by a pint and a pub lunch. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to bring the whole family together. Why not organise a family games day, filled with traditional games such as Monopoly, Charades or Twister? It could take you all back on a nostalgic journey of your childhood.

Whatever you decide to do, give your dad an experience that he’ll always treasure.



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