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Unfortunately, today more and more people are having to use a foodbank in order to get everyday items

Feed Chorley is a not for profit organisation, which is doing an amazing job in tackling the plight of the town’s poorest and most vulnerable people. It has done a great job in getting local people and businesses on board, but more help is always needed as the foodbank has an ongoing need for donations.

The Chorley Foodbank launched an appeal in December last year for new premises and greater support with community donations. It had operated from a cellar of a church for more than seven years, but it was no longer fit for purpose and becoming damp. Led by the foodbank, Chorley FM, Chorley FC and the Chorley Guardian, the Feed Chorley campaign was set up to help raise £20,000 to move to a new purpose-built facility. The campaign was a huge success and already the foodbank has moved into its new location on Bolton Street, Chorley, having managed to raise £25,000 in just three months, including a £5,000 donation from a lady who wished to remain anonymous.

Carol Halton from Chorley Foodbank said: “It’s wonderful news that local businesses and volunteers have supported us. Every week we receive more than 180 referrals and need more than 200 tins and packets of food just to provide them with the basics. We are also raising money to help fund the new premises, so not a thing is wasted, and every donation goes straight to someone in real genuine need.”

One such business which is supporting Feed Chorley is Vincents Solicitors, which is helping to collect funds and food items. Vincents has been active in supporting community initiatives since opening its first branch in the town two years ago. Phillip Gilmore, Vincents Solicitors managing partner, said: “We are a Lancashire-wide law firm employing local people and working with clients right across the county. As such, we are absolutely a part of each of those communities and it is both a personal mission and a professional responsibility for us to get involved and help out where we can.”

“We’ve seen the number of people come through the doors, double since Christmas alone,” added Carol. “We rely heavily on donations from local businesses and individuals, whether this is financially, giving up their time or helping with the upkeep of the building. A lot of local companies, such as flooring, shelving and builders have provided both products and their time for free. We also have trolleys in Tesco, Asda and Morrisons, where people can donate food and essentials.”

People can only visit the foodbank if they have been referred from their GPs, hospitals, health workers or job centre and can claim four foodbanks a year. “We do our utmost to provide as much as we can for individuals and families. We’ve even had people burst into tears as they have been overwhelmed with what they receive. It makes a difference knowing that we are helping people.”

To find out more and to donate visit: www.facebook.com/LWStorehouse or call on Tuesdays and Fridays between 10am and 2pm



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