Step out in style and comfort this summer season and book your feet in for a measure and fit at fitright footwear – the immensely popular specialist shoe shop. Photography: Kirsten Platt

At fitright footwear we recognise that everyone’s feet are different and so we offer a unique and bespoke shoe fitting service, by appointment only. For people who have problems with their feet or struggle to find well-fitting shoes we appreciate that fitting, finding and choosing shoes is often stressful and is certainly something that cannot be rushed. Our appointment system is the perfect way to ensure our customers are relaxed and given time to select their footwear in an atmosphere that is comfortable and undisturbed.

Our shoes and our professional, friendly, one-to-one service are so good people return time and again to purchase their footwear and many have commented how the introduction of our appointment system has enhanced the fabulous, personal service we provide. There is no substitute for having your feet measured and fitted and getting shoes on your feet before you buy. We pride ourselves on our honesty and if the shoe doesn’t fit, we will tell you!

We are simply astounded at the number of people who are wearing the wrong size shoes and cannot believe the number of unworn shoes we hear about, sitting gathering dust in the back of wardrobes. Customers repeatedly tell us how many times they have made mistakes in the past because they continually purchase the wrong shoes for their feet. Here at fitright footwear we want to make those mistakes a thing of the past.

Prevention is much better than cure, but if you already have an existing foot problem, wearing correctly fitted shoes will help to relieve the pain you are already experiencing, as well as help prevent further problems from developing. It will also help to keep recurring issues like corns and hard skin from returning.

Fitright footwear stock an amazing choice of shoes, trainers and sandals for both men and women in an array of widths, depths, sizes and styles. Our brands are carefully chosen not only for the fantastic range of styles they can offer our customers, but also because the different brands benefit all different kinds of feet. Your feet are important to us. We like to know what problems our customers are experiencing, as this helps us decide what shoes will be best for their feet.

Wearing the right footwear makes a huge difference to how we feel. There is nothing better than wearing a pair of shoes that are so comfortable that you can forget they are on your feet and give you confidence to get out and about.

So, visit fitright footwear and make a difference to how your feet feel.

Fitright Footwear
32D King Street, Clitheroe BB7 2EP
01200 425399

3 Bower Road, Harrogate HG1 1BB
01423 561172



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