PT Daniel Masters explains why training with someone else keeps you motivated

If you saw our editorial last month you may remember me mentioning how it’s never been easier to get in to shape, with all the choices of locations to go to.

The problem is though, it doesn’t make it any easier.

The hardest thing about getting in shape is getting in to the habit of regular exercise.

Knowing that there’s a family run gym around the corner isn’t going to make you go to the gym. You could also say the hardest thing about going to the gym, is going to the gym.

Once you’re there it’s a lot easier to keep going. So where do you find the motivation from?

The answer is simple – someone else!
• Some train with friends.
• Others look on Instagram.
• And some hire personal trainers – no they aren’t just for the rich and famous, not any more.

The third one is definitely my favourite, and not just because I’m a personal trainer. But because I know what people get from working with people like me.

It’s scary going to the gym, the majority of new clients we see, don’t know what they are doing, have low motivation and low adherence, you know the ones that join a gym and don’t ever go.
But that’s okay. That’s what PTs are for. We are here to help you, in many different ways:
• Motivation.
• Coaching technique.
• Nutritional and dietary advice.

But whatever your goal, we’re here to help. All you have to do is ask. So what are you waiting for?

Motivation is staring at you right now while you’re reading this.

All you have to do is accept the help.

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