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Emma Brereton meets well-being expert Michelle Ashton, founder of Chakra. Photography: Andy Tighe

Chakra is a beautiful yoga, Pilates and well-being studio designed and owned by Michelle Ashton. It is a result of her 38 years in the fitness industry, where her knowledge and experience has accumulated from teaching and living in many different cultures and countries.

This natural organic studio has been aimed to replicate such cultures where balancing your chakras is part of everyday life. Michelle says: “Practicing Pilates, yoga, tai chi or meditation can be so powerful that they can help to rebalance your seven primary chakras, which can help towards achieving a healthy body and mindset.”

So, what is a chakra and why do we need to rebalance them?

Chakras are junction points between consciousness and physiology. These centres of energy govern the core emotional and physical function of your being. If these energy centres are congested or out of harmony, your vital life force is unable to freely circulate, resulting in distress, disease and lack of mind-body integrity.

The studio’s 18 instructors are a collective of self-employed teachers who are experts in their field. Most of them have more than 20 years’ experience as individual teachers and Michelle is proud that most of the teachers started out as class members and revealed a desire to work within this calm organic setting.

The integrity of the teachers with their passion to strive for and facilitate towards a ‘healthy body healthy mind‘ is the ethos of where Chakra began and continues to thrive.

Michelle adds: “Classes are for all ages and all abilities, varying from baby and children’s yoga, yoga for sport, the specialist disciplines of iyengar and kundalini, alongside physio-led Pilates and tai chi varieties.”

Situated above Costa Coffee on Liverpool Road in Penwortham, you never know what awaits through the pebble lined entrance at the back of the building from the free car park. It’s this attention to detail that really pays off, right down to the fresh fruit and green tea enjoyed after each of its 36 classes.

On entry, the smell of the log fire inside, the sound of the rain and the blowing trees outside on the loft-style ceiling creates an ambience that is nurturing and cosy, creating a feeling of being safe and nourished. It’s a place where more social and less media exists.

Come try a complimentary class by bringing along this article and for a full timetable visit:

Chakra Studio
(Above Costa Coffee Shop)
62A Liverpool Road
Penwortham PR1 0DQ
07588 898838



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