With record breaking academic results and ground-breaking ballet and football academies producing stars of the future, Moorland Private School offers so much more

Moorland School sees students as an extended family, believing this nurturing approach is essential to the levels of success and happiness they deliver.

Moorland treats every student with the same level of warmth and respect, believing that every child has the right to a high standard of education, through an academically non-selective path. Understanding that every child is unique, with different requirements and cultural differences, allows Moorland to tailor a learning journey for every student.

The academic achievements for the year have yet again outstripped local, regional and national averages, seeing GCSE, BTEC and A-level results topping the region with 100 per cent pass rates. Speaking about this Headteacher Jonathan Harrison stated: “We achieve what we do as a school through a very carefully considered process of learning. We focus on ensuring the delivery of education is the best it can be, with carefully selected teaching teams, a dedicated special educational and disabilities tutoring team and ensuring class sizes stay small so that every student gets the highest level of attention.

“This level of care and attention allows us to ensure that our students are able to thrive, grow and excel throughout their time with us. As time passes, our students become embedded into the Moorland family, which allows us to bring even the most tentative student out of their shell, allowing them to reach their true potential.”

Moorland also has a reputation internationally for its success within the disciplines of its academies. With staff employed following successful professional careers, Moorland Football and Ballet Academies are well equipped to continue delivering coaching and incredible opportunities for the stars of the future.

Coach Charlie Jackson leads Moorland Football Academy and has been in his role for over 15 years, playing a vital role in developing plenty of football careers in the North West of England, with Moorland graduates signing professional contracts with clubs across the world in leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga and the MLS.

Charlie credits his success to the combination of training and education delivered to his students explaining: “The aim of the academy has always been to focus on ensuring the students learn the right techniques from the earliest age possible, combining this with a school environment which nurtures and cares for them as individuals. This allows the academy to really focus its efforts, developing talent while caring and educating at the same time.”

At the start of this academic year, Moorland was able to welcome ex-professional player John Cofie back into the fold. John, who is a former Moorland student, has joined the Moorland Football Academy in a mentoring role. He brings a wealth of knowledge, telling a story of the trials and tribulations he personally experienced while attempting to carve a successful football career. Using his personal story will be invaluable in instilling a sense of self-worth and understanding in his students at Moorland School – a task on which John can’t wait to get started: “Hopefully, my story can touch people and help. I want to make a difference in the lives of the students at Moorland, I know what it takes to become a professional player, it can be tough, I’m here to ensure the students are prepared for that life.”

Now approaching 10 years of operation, Moorland School is also home to Moorland Ballet Academy. The international academy has been home to many classical ballet prodigies over the years all under the watchful eye of Co-Directors Lynsey and Simon Kidd. Some of their past students have gone on to perform as professionals for the Royal Ballet Company, San Diego Ballet Company and many more internationally renowned dance institutions.

As with the Football Academy, the Ballet Academy operates in parallel with the educational and pastoral programme delivered by Moorland School. Meaning that not only do students have access to an elite training programme developing their potential in classical ballet, but it also ensures that a high level of education, care and support is delivered through the Moorland family network, of which they are an integral part.

Understanding the effort and dedication required to create a career in the classical ballet industry, Director Simon Kidd said: “Ballet as a discipline is a challenging and exciting art form, but one that requires huge amounts of dedication, nurturing and encouragement. To make a student’s dreams a reality, we have to enable them to reach their full potential. Only as part of the greater network are we able to do that. The care and education provided by Moorland School allows us to focus on our highly structured daily regime of classroom work, ensuring our dancers’ techniques are maintained, strengthened and constantly refined to be the best they can be.”

Headteacher Jonathan Harrison emphasises: “Having all these elements and considerations working together as a cohesive unit is what makes the Moorland family tick. We all share a common goal. We work together – our teachers, students and parents – to ensure we all achieve success and happiness together, whether through academia, football or ballet. It is done as a part of the Moorland family.”

Moorland School is currently operating on an ‘Every Day is an Open Day’ policy, meaning that you can book a safe socially distanced appointment for a guided tour to fit your schedule, any day of the week. This allows you to experience the day-to-day activity of the school as ‘part of the Moorland family’ and as a ‘part of the Moorland difference’ – a sentiment and ethos the school proudly stands behind. This results in students who leave Moorland School having achieved academic excellence and are happy, confident individuals.

To book a visit please contact Admissions Manager, Carl Lightbown

Moorland School
Ribblesdale Avenue
Clitheroe BB7 2JA
01200 423833



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