Looking for love… then look no further

This captivating pair from two of the UK’s most popular living artists, represent an uplifting celebration of true love. Doug Hyde and Kerry Darlington share the ability to charm and disarm us with the warmth and immediacy of their inspirational creations. Their Valentine’s Day releases deliver a positive message of love through their trademark figures and vibrant, expressive styles.

Kerry Darlington is one of the most sought after and influential artists at work in the UK and a major figure on the international art scene. Her boundless creative gift, technical brilliance, mastery of colour and above all, her infinite imagination, have taken her far beyond the everyday and turned her into a fine art sensation. Described as ‘Unique Editions’, Kerry’s limited editions are each created individually and hand finished by the artist giving them the appearance of a unique original painting. “A Tree Full of Love” is the latest in Kerry’s incredible collection of imagery exploring trees and their foliage. Each painting comes with a handmade Valentine’s card from the artist.

Doug Hyde’s heart-warming artwork is inspired by the people and things he loves. Over the years, he has won countless awards and accolades which demonstrate his extraordinary status as an artist, but more importantly, he has won a place in the hearts of the nation. “A Message for You” looks set to cement Doug’s reputation as the artist of choice for all romantics.

Both works are available at Longridge Gallery

Longridge Gallery
78 Berry Lane, Longridge, Preston PR3 3WH
01772 782006



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