There’s no better way to travel than in a motorhome. When you’re in control and the wide-open road is ahead of you, you can’t help but be happy

When you go on an adventure by motorhome you choose where you go. You even choose the view you wake up to and the surprises you come across.

Motorhomes are designed for apartment living on the road, with room to live in style and comfort. There is a motorhome for even the most discerning traveller, offering ultimate space and design touches for a premium camping experience. Motorhomes have apartment styled kitchen equipment and quality bedding and linen. With all vehicles featuring automatic transmission, motorhomes are also a breeze to drive.


Roam Free
No other method of travel offers such freedom, with a motorhome affording the convenience of your own ‘home’ on board. Outside of the busiest spots in peak season, campsite bookings aren’t required, allowing you to follow a flexible route at your own pace lingering when the time is right and heading in the direction your mood takes you.

Wake up to a new view every day!
You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to parking up for the night in some of the most picturesque locations. With each stop comes the opportunity to explore new territory, get a fresh perspective, whether a basic camp or scenic reserve, to groomed holiday parks hugging the coastline to plenty of designated freedom camping spots. It’s amazing what you can see through the campervan window.

Immerse yourself in nature
Enjoy golden sunrises and fiery sunsets, bright days and dark nights illuminated by the moon, stars and campfire, the sound of wind in the trees and rain on the roof, the smells of pine forest and seaside saltiness. Escape to the remoteness of a national park, hike mountain trails, swim in clear lakes and rivers and listen to the calls of the wild. Immerse yourself in natural wonders in some of the world’s greatest landscapes in the canyons of the USA, the geothermal delights of New Zealand or the tropical landscapes of Queensland with amazing underwater gardens on some of the world’s best coral reefs right on your doorstep. Few other forms of travel offer so much daily interaction and connection with the natural world.

Be social
A beloved pastime for generations, the camping holiday is as popular as ever and enjoyed by people from all over the world and from all walks of life. You’ll encounter a camping culture that is welcoming and kids needn’t be the only ones making new friends. Campsites are famous for their conviviality and communal spirit – striking up a conversation and sharing travel stories takes little more than a linger around the barbecue or other shared area.

Allow for surprises
On a motorhome holiday, getting there is more than half the fun. It’s all about the journey and the experiences you have along the way. Slow down, relax and embrace each moment. Wake up amongst the vines with a ‘winery haven’ overnight stay, or by the shores of a shimmering lake in the Rocky Mountains. Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand are a campervan travellers’ paradise – come and see why, with First Class Holidays.

Stay amongst the vines in Australia or New Zealand
Why not add on a winery overnight wine experience like no other. Imagine your motorhome parked up overlooking Australian and New Zealand vineyard vistas, sampling regional wines and flavours – all from the comfort of your apartment on wheels!

We have handpicked some of Australia and New Zealand’s most picturesque vineyards, to create a world class ‘winery havens network’. Stay overnight in the grounds of exclusive wineries, tasting the freshest local food and wine. Use local produce to cook up a storm in your motorhome kitchen and settle in for the night – just perfect!

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