Food, Glorious Food

The most talked about food festival in the North will once again be taking over Clitheroe

A feast of fun and flavour comes to Clitheroe on Saturday 11th August, when the town hosts its annual food festival.
The popular event, organised by Ribble Valley Borough Council, attracts thousands of food enthusiasts seeking the best local produce to Clitheroe town centre.

This year’s festival, which is sponsored by Deli Solutions, Lloyd BMW Colne, Fort Vale Engineering and Bowland Brewery, features top-quality food and drink, lively tasting-talks and a bumper crop of family-friendly activities.
A huge array of foods, from organic meat and dairy goods made from traditional Lancashire breeds, to handmade pastries, Asian treats, Thai pies, Biltong beef and a feast of fruit and vegetables packed with flavour will be found along Clitheroe’s picturesque streets.

Simon Hore, chairman of Ribble Valley Borough Council’s community services committee, said: “The Clitheroe Food Festival is a great opportunity for food enthusiasts to see what amazing produce we have.”

“The council has created a strong narrative around food over the years and is delighted to host the festival, which provides an important showcase for local producers.”

Further details and bookings are available at:

Spinning plates, slapstick, fun stations and non-stop music from a solar-powered stage will be dished up in Clitheroe town centre during the food festival.

As well as nearly 100 stalls showcasing the best produce in Lancashire, the festival features a series of tasting-talks in the Ribble Valley Civic Suite by leading independent wine merchant Barrica Wines, award-winning chocolatier Choc Amor and Cuckoo Gin producer Brindle Distillery.

Family entertainment in Castle Street and King Street includes a hilarious celebration of 1960s and 70s food by Kitsch Kafe and the unique plate-flipping and napkin-sculpting slapstick of the Comedy Waiters.

The perennially-popular Mad Science will be setting up fun stations featuring madcap demonstrations and hands-on activities in King Street and Clitheroe Market, while King Street will host non-stop music from a solar-powered stage featuring one of the UK’s most popular Western swing bands, the Western Valley Hot Club, the anarchic rock ‘n’ roll and reggae of the Flat Cap 3 and the steamy shuffles and Chicago grit of the Junkhouse Dog Blues Band.

Tasting-talk times:
Barrica Wines 11.15am
ChocAmor 10.30am and 1.30pm
Brindle Distillery 2.15pm (SOLD OUT)

Music times:
Western Valley Hot Club 11am
The Flat Cap 3 12.30pm
Junkhouse Dog Blues Band 1.45pm

Further details and bookings are available at:

Plan Ahead
Significant roadworks are scheduled to start on the A59 near Clitheroe by early August.

There will also be road closures in Clitheroe town centre from 6am until 8pm on festival day and from 6am on Thursday 9th August, in New Market Street.

Motorists heading for the festival, particularly the park-and-ride at Clitheroe Auction Mart, are advised to plan their journey accordingly.

Avoid the traffic and travel to the festival by bus or train. Further information is available from the Clitheroe Interchange on: 01200 429832



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