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Within the first month of Ye Horns Inn opening, it became evident that this lovely gastro pub was going to become a huge success

With unbeatable credentials, Ye Horns’ chef patron Sean Wrest is super confident that his seasonal ethos and fresh take on classic dishes is a winning formula.

The pub, which has undergone a stunning restoration, launched last month with a 5-5-5 menu featuring beautiful seasonal dishes.

To much acclaim, the menu is now being opened up to showcase the talent of Sean and his young dynamic team, who show real passion when developing new dishes.

“Right from the start we had a vision of creating delicious classic dishes and putting our own quirky take on them – making it original and fun,” says Sean, who honed his skills with the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Tommy Banks.

“The atmosphere is very relaxed. We create comforting food, that is simply delicious,” adds Sean, who with his team recently created their own take on a Lancashire butter pie.

“We made Dauphinoise potatoes added caramelised onion, cheese and encased it in pastry, it is a totally revised way of making it, but it looks and tastes fantastic.”

With seasonal ingredients at its heart, the summer menu will reflect all that is good about al fresco dining on the expansive new terrace outside Ye Horns.

During a recent foraging day, Sean and his team discovered wild garlic capers that will be pickled so the chefs can use them all year round.

“Elderflower is also coming into season,” says Sean. “So we will be making elderflower vinegars and oils. We have also got some beautiful tomatoes coming in so there are plans to drizzle them with elderflower oil – we really do our own thing and try to be clever when it comes to seasonal ingredients.”

The outdoor menu will undoubtedly feature one of Ye Horns’ most popular choices – tempura cod, which is an ultimately light dish served with triple cut chips and pea puree.

Sean has also developed his own take on classic fried chicken, another dish which has been elevated by diligent seasoning and cooking: “I have created a salt and pepper flour, which gives the chicken a unique flavour and we serve it with a brown butter Hollandaise, made fluffy and light with an espuma.”

While the dishes at Ye Horns are as visionary as they are delicious, in no way is the pub stuffy or elitist. It has been elegantly renovated, of that there is no doubt, but the ambience is friendly and the menu fun.

“While we want to make it a very special dining experience, we also want Ye Horns to be accessible and the menu unique to us, it will be constantly evolving,” concludes Sean.

For more information about Ye Horns Inn’s menus and suppliers go to:

Ye Horns Inn
Horns Lane, Goosnargh, Preston PR3 2FJ
01772 342460



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