Free Dental Check-Ups

A Fulwood dental practice is offering free dental check-ups to those struggling to see a dentist, writes Emma Brereton

To address the growing dental waiting list concerns, Dentistry by Cure Clinics on Eastway Retail Hub, Fulwood, is offering free essential check-ups throughout the month of July. This is great news to those living in Preston and is an initiative that hopes to help residents who have been struggling to secure an appointment, or even register with a dentist, to get seen sooner.

Dentistry by Cure Clinics is the latest dental clinic to open in Preston, boasting a modern and relaxing clinic, with state-of-the-art technology, a focus on patient experience and a carefully selected team of skilled dentists, therapists and nurses.

Whilst the clinic is newly opened, it is owned and operated by an experienced local dentist Dr Chris Ball.

“It has never been harder to see a dentist,” explains Chris. “Many people are struggling to register with a dentist, let alone book an appointment. The oral health of the general public is suffering as a result, and we feel like we are in a good position to help people within our local community by offering this service.”

Dr Chris Ball, was born and raised in Preston and it has been a lifelong ambition to own his own practice that not only embraces the future of dentistry but gives back to the local community.

His motivation behind founding the new practice comes from an early childhood experience. Chris says: “Treating the whole person and not just the mouth is very important to me. Following an accident I had as a child, I was fortunate to receive sensitive, skilful dental treatment – a positive experience for which I have remained grateful ever since. This early experience inspired me to establish a dental practice that embraces holistic care and a huge part of that involves taking the time to get to know and understand every individual we treat.”

The current UK dental crisis, fuelled by a lack of dentists and a backlog exacerbated by the pandemic, has resulted in some people waiting months, or even years, between dental check-ups.

Recent statistics from HealthWatch show that 63 per cent of people surveyed had difficulty booking an appointment with more than 30 per cent unable to access the treatment they required.

The crisis has led to ‘dental deserts’ emerging across the UK – areas where there is little or no dental provision, and people are having to manage without proper oral health care.

Chris explains that whilst the practice is not yet operating at full capacity, they have the ability to make an impact and combat the dental crisis within Preston.

“As a newly opened practice, we aren’t yet at full capacity. That means we have empty appointment slots in our calendar which could be utilised to serve the local community by providing essential dental assessments, which can identify key issues such as oral cancer, tooth decay and gum health, amongst other things. There’s no catch or charge, it’s just our way of giving back to the local community and helping those who need it.”

Clearly passionate about providing quality dental care, Chris and his team have made 200 free essential dental check-up appointments available throughout the month of July, with over 50 being booked in the first five days of launching the campaign.

The appointments, which do not include treatment, check for key oral health issues including tooth wear and tear, gum health, tooth decay as well as an oral cancer check. Each patient will also be provided with a bespoke treatment plan written up by a dentist.

Chris adds: “There is no cost or obligation associated with these essential dental check-ups, and the only qualifying criteria is that patients have had difficulty accessing a dentist within the last six months, and that they live in a PR1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 25 or 26 postcode. There is one booking available per person, with both individual and parent and child appointments available.”

Bookings can be made throughout July, with appointments available up until 31st July 2022 on a first come first served basis. As 50 bookings have already been made in the first five days and with only 150 remaining, those interested in taking advantage of this generous offer are encouraged to act quickly to secure their appointment.

In order to make a booking, people are asked to visit: or call 01772 953510

Dentistry by Cure Clinics
Unit 3-4 Eastway Retail Park
Fulwood, Preston PR2 3FB



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