From Cakes To Carriages

When it comes to weddings, every one is unique and bespoke to the couple who are planning it, so they can remember it as one of the best days of their lives writes Tracy Hargreaves

With two royal weddings last year, all eyes of the British public were on the brides, their dresses and what the guests were wearing. Like all weddings, they will have been planned down to the last detail and most brides to be will have watched in envy at wanting to be a princess for the day.

Unfortunately, not all couples will have a big budget, so the key is to prioritise. When it comes to the dress, do your research and visit as many wedding fairs beforehand. A designer dress might be your dream, but it might also break the bank. Why not find a style you like and look at getting one made to your specification? It could work out cheaper and it will include your own personal twist.

You could also look at second hand or vintage dresses and add something to them yourself and many wedding shops will also have sales on throughout the year so ask when they are.

Cakes can be an expensive part of a wedding and usually increase in price the more elaborate they are, with some in excess of £1000. Think about how many guests you are having and make sure you have a cake big enough or small enough for all your guests. Saving the top tier to keep for the christening of your first child used to be a tradition. However, as many couples wait for a longer period of time after saying I do, before having children, they might just save a slice or tier for their first wedding anniversary.

Transport to the wedding can vary from taxi to tractor, sports car to school bus. Consider the time of year you are getting married and what is more practical. A 1920’s classic car might not be the best choice for a mid-winter celebration. If you live close to the venue, you could be eco-friendly and opt to either walk or take a bike or you can go for the stress-free version and stay at the venue the night before, leaving you to enjoy a good night’s sleep and get ready in your own time.

However you want to celebrate your big occasion, Lancashire has some great venues, local suppliers and wedding co-ordinators, who can make your wedding extra special. Plus, with some of the best countryside in the country, you’re guaranteed a perfect day.



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