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Life-long animal lover Olivia Johnstone has achieved her ambition of opening an animal feed outlet here in the Ribble Valley. Gail Bailey went along to find out more. Photography: Kirsten Platt

Ribble Valley Animal Feeds is in a superbly accessible location on Barrow Brook Industrial Estate just off the A59.

“I’ve wanted to open an animal feed business for a long time, but finding the right location was absolutely key,” explains owner Olivia. “Recognising that people lead such busy lives meant that the location needed to be somewhere that customers could quickly get to, and Barrow Brook Estate is perfect.”

Olivia has always loved animals, having ridden horses since she was six and competing in cross country events, to currently owning four Springer Spaniels.

“We cater for a wide range of animals at the store including dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and wild birds, but we also have a wide range of equine stock along with feeds and supplies for farm animals, goats and alpacas – the list is endless!” she explains.

Focusing on quality brands is important to Olivia to make sure she only supplies the very best. “There is a growing trend to feed our pets biologically appropriate raw foods,” Olivia explains.

“Just as people are becoming more aware of their own diet they are doing the same for their pets. Research is telling us that some of the benefits of a raw diet for dogs and cats includes cleaner teeth and fresh breath, better weight control, improved digestion, shinier, healthier skin and coat plus more energy and stamina.”

Some of the award winning brands that Ribble Valley Animal Feeds stock includes Poppy’s Picnic, which is a nutritionally balanced raw meat brand mixed with vegetables and superfoods, such as flaxseed oil and wheatgrass, Orijen Pet Foods who produce meat-based food using a diverse range of ingredients sourced by farmers who use sustainable means and a focus on animal welfare, and Carnilove which is grain and potato free but has 75 per cent wild-origin meats along with forest fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs to provide important vitamins and nutrients.

Top name brands are plentiful at Ribble Valley Animal Feeds. Equine feeds that use the latest scientific research to nutritionally support horses and ponies include Pure Feeds, Thunderbrook, Allen & Page and Baileys.

Olivia adds: “We are also the local drop off and collection point for Fab Equine Laundry, who wash, proof and repair rugs. We stock Cravenbale Hay and also ProBed horse bedding, one of the best on the market, providing a natural, warm, soft and economical horse bedding solution which is antibacterial and virtually dust free.

“We have a free local delivery service and will also be offering an online system too, so customers are able to check stock, order and either collect or arrange delivery,” Olivia says. The store is happy to order special items for clients too: “We can get hold of most things so we are more than happy to order unique products in for our customers.”

Pet accessories are provided by the fashionable and functional Hemmo & Co who have more than 25 years’ experience in the pet industry and supply leads, harnesses, collars and fun toys to keep pets amused and stimulated.

Ribble Valley Animal Feeds have only been open a short time but are already making a big impact locally and have some exciting events coming up.

One talking point is their eye-catching logo: “It does seem to get people thinking! Look carefully – how many animals can you see?”

Ribble Valley Animal Feeds
Unit 4, Barrow Brook Trade Park
Clitheroe BB7 9BQ
01200 411678



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