Nick Smith and Sophie Hart are celebrating their first year at the helm of Longridge Gallery that has introduced new talent to the region

As the country prepares to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign on the throne, a smaller celebration will be marked in the Ribble Valley.

It is one year since Nick Smith and Sophie Hart took over Longridge Gallery. As the country emerged from the Covid pandemic, Nick and Sophie returned to their roots in the Ribble Valley. The gallery, based on Berry Lane in Longridge, has now been in family ownership for 22 years.

In the 12 months since Nick and Sophie took over, the couple have introduced new talent to the already-strong portfolio of artists represented. Notable successes include John Russell, Dan Pearce, Scott Tetlow, Chuck and Stephen Graham, as well as local star Anthony Platt.

“Of course, long-standing gallery favourites such as Doug Hyde, Kerry Darlington, Leigh Lambert, Andrei Protsouk and Steve Townsend will always have a presence,” says Nick. “There is always great excitement around the new collections from the art world’s leading lights.”

“We’ve loved building relationships with gallery customers, existing and new. Getting to know their own stories and how we can help enhance their own homes has been particularly rewarding,” adds Sophie.

The gallery’s framing service has continued to be in great demand.

“In one year, we have seen a really broad range of work – from school and wedding photographs, artists’ own works, scores of needlework and sports memorabilia, including from the 2021 Paralympics, to a broken drum cymbal, horse show rosettes and Maundy money. We treat every piece with the utmost respect and the volume of repeat business is greatly appreciated,” states Nick.

As the couple look forward to their own Ribble Valley wedding in August, year two in the gallery looks to be just as exciting.

“The art market is really strong at present,” says Nick. “The creative talent in the UK is providing great returns for both investors and those who simply want something beautiful and interesting on their walls. Please call in and see the latest collections or visit our website.”

Longridge Gallery
78 Berry Lane, Longridge
Preston PR3 3WH
01772 782006



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