Mirrors are often a forgotten addition to a garden, but they can help to create the illusion of an increased open space

Break the boundary between indoors and outdoors by placing a mirror on a drab wall or fence, or situate it so that the reflection will instantly brighten up the shadiest of nooks.

If you’re a budding gardener who battles with pesky birds nibbling at your newly sprung vegetables, mirrors are an ideal solution with the reflection acting as a deterrent.

Decorative Mirrors Online have a selection of mirrors that are designed to spruce up your garden. The deliberately aged Floral garden window mirror is an intricate piece that will bring a touch of vintage style. With two decorative doors guarding the glass, the unusual mirror resembles a piece of wall art.

The doors allow you to have an option of a plain glass mirror or one that has more detail and holds a sense of glamour. The mirror would be a perfect addition to an outdoor dinner party on a hot summers evening, with the design making a great centrepiece.

Add a sense of mystical gothic style to your garden with the Allium garden mirror that will enhance the vibrancy of your beautiful plants. Holding a rustic look, the frame has a speckled effect that looks stunningly aged, and in contrast with fresh greens of your garden the mirror is bound to stand out. The mirror would also look great placed in a garden room, conservatory, kitchen or dining area or reflecting a patio.

The beautiful piece will also create an impression of a window and would look stunning placed reflecting a pond or pool.

Floral garden window mirror £228
Allium garden mirror £224



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