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Exercising for our mental and physical health has never been more prominent than over the last few months, writes Tracy Hargreaves

With gyms closing, more people were signing up to online exercise classes, enjoying walks in the great outdoors and taking up cycling.

And what better way to celebrate looking after ourselves, than by getting involved in National Fitness Day. This year it is on 23rd September and it aims to encourage providers across the country to offer the general public free opportunities to get active, try something new as well as highlight the benefits of working out.

Being inactive can lead to lots of health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, some cancers and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis affects women as they get older, that is why it’s particularly important for them to keep active and if possible, do more weight bearing exercises to strengthen bones from their 40s upwards.

Cycling has seen a massive surge, with many bike shops struggling to cope with demand. As there has been less traffic on the roads, it’s been a great way for all the family to get out and about with cycling taking over walking as the preferred choice of exercise.

In a bid to keep the nation fit and healthy, many fitness celebs have been encouraging people to join in their free online classes. Jo Wickes (aka The Body Coach) had almost everyone, young and old doing his workouts daily in the comfort of their own homes, showing that you don’t need to access a gym to get fit and it’s something that can be done with the whole family.

This year’s National Fitness Day theme is #Fitness2Me which aims to celebrate what fitness means to people and break down the barriers that stop people from being active. It is looking for people to promote their fitness stories and share on social media, tagging in @fitnessdayUK and #fitness2me and #fitnessday.

According to Nuffield Health more than 75 per cent of Brits have taken up some new form of exercise over the last few months. These include HIIT sessions, walking, yoga, cycling, running, home weights and home treadmill. The good news is that the majority of these people want to continue with their exercise regime.

But exercising regularly also goes hand in hand with eating healthily. Eating the right foods will boost our immune system and give us more energy, so what’s not to like. Try and reduce your alcohol intake, eat more fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

So get active, join in and try something new.



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