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With Your Guest Bedroom!

With Christmas on the horizon, it’s time to think about having guests to stay and whether you have enough room to accommodate them

Whatever the size of your home, assigning enough space for storage is always an issue. Finding space for overnight guests is no mean feat either, and with Christmas registering on the radar, you might be starting to think about where your guests will be sleeping, and the preparations you’ll need to make for a comfy and welcoming guest bedroom.

Christmas is a busy time and your guests will appreciate a bedroom which offers space to relax in, as well as somewhere to put their belongings, and, of course, to sleep. Guest bedrooms are often small or awkwardly proportioned, so creating a tidy, functional and homely environment might seem tricky at first glance, especially if the room is already crammed with boxes, old furniture and items which haven’t quite made it to the charity shop.

Whilst a declutter is an essential part of the process, fitted furniture is an excellent option for a stylish and flexible guest bedroom. Maximising all the space on offer and tightly hugging the contours of the room, choosing a fitted bedroom opens up a whole host of storage solutions, thus ensuring the space is suitable for whoever is using it.

Guests will need wardrobe space for their clothing and a drawer or cupboard for their personal items, but you may also require a certain amount of space for your own possessions. Bespoke fitted furniture will ensure the type of storage perfectly meets the requirements of both you and any potential guests. You could even incorporate a home office area for your own use, as well as for that of your guest should they need to open up their laptop.

A foldaway bed is the ideal solution if you wish to use the space as a multipurpose room. When you have guests, the bed can be pulled down into position for sleeping. Once your guests have left, the bed can be folded away against the wall, disguised as a wardrobe front for a sleek and streamline effect, to allow for a more spacious working environment.

At Hartleys, we are experts in designing all types of bedrooms, tailored specifically to our clients’ individual needs. Our team of talented designers and fitters can visit your home to work out the best design plan for you, embracing any awkward spaces or architectural features.

If you would like to visit our showroom to view our Yorkshire-made fitted furniture, please call 01756 700471 to make an appointment or see us at:



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