Tim Byrne has spent over 25 years in the wine trade, regularly winning national awards and developing an unrivalled knowledge of the industry. Tim left his family business in 2017 and established Wines by Tim Byrne. Photography: Robin Lyndon

Tim Byrne developed his passion for wine from a very early age. His great grandfather Denis Byrne founded his family’s wine business in 1879. Wine is in his blood.

“I may not be blessed with the greatest memory but ask me what wine I drank on Christmas Day in 1985 and I could tell you in an instant!”

Tim is very personable and unpretentious. “Too many people feel intimidated by the prospect of walking into a wine shop. I’m aware that many wines are sold purely on price or reputation and it’s not necessarily true that the best years produce the best wines, and neither do the most expensive always achieve perfection.

“When I taste a wine I never look at the vintage or the producer, why would I cloud my mind with expectancy or prejudice? I do not believe that a wine can be described as good or bad, it is simply a matter of taste and preference.”

“I am fully aware of the strains of a busy retail environment, particularly at Christmas. I aim to remove the hassle of parking, queuing and struggling with bottles to your car, by offering personal advice and free delivery.”

Christmas is the perfect time to take advantage of Tim’s expertise: “I was one of the first people in the trade to offer seasonal selections of mixed wines. This is a great way for people to taste something that they wouldn’t automatically choose for themselves. The mixed cases come with tasting notes and food pairing recommendations, making them ideal for you to enjoy at home or as a gift.

“I currently offer a Christmas Case of 12 mixed wines at £100 along with a Budget Case of 12 for £75. I will also have a Christmas Treats and Christmas Luxury Case of six. Cases can be adjusted accordingly to suit particular preferences.”

Party wines are offered sale or return with free glass hire. For large functions such as weddings Tim will also taste wines with you personally.

For the perfect gift, Tim can send a bottle of the sensational house Champagne, Prosecco, case or gift voucher with your personal message by post. Tim offers bespoke corporate gift packages which can be personalised.

“I select all of my wines personally, and I only choose wines that represent the best value for money within their price range.”

Wines by Tim Byrne
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