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Lauren Molyneux reviews a novel set in the Ribble Valley written by Lancashire author Catherine Finch

Walking Apart
Catherine Finch

David and Helen have been married for 30 years. They’ve had their share of tough times, but never like this. They’ve always worked through it, so why can’t they figure this one out?

As David finds himself twiddling his thumbs post-retirement and his wife throws herself deeper into her already very demanding job, the fabric of their marriage begins to fray.

With David receiving attention from another woman in his walking group and Helen allowing work to dominate her life and deteriorate her health, the question becomes whether their marriage will survive, or crumble.

Set in the beautiful Ribble Valley, Walking Apart is a story that any reader can connect with. A novel ultimately about choice and duty, it’s wonderfully written as Finch builds each setting and introduces each character with incredible attention to detail. Chapters are broken down to expose the thoughts and worries of individual characters, exploring the lives of what feel like very real people.

At times humorous and at others heart-breaking, Walking Apart is a well-rounded novel that holds something for everyone, whether that be through its sense of escapism, its admiration of this wonderful patch of earth that we all share, or the lessons it can offer for marriage, friendships and life.

Walking Apart is Catherine Finch’s first novel. Her second, Holding On Letting Go, set in France, was launched recently at an event at Whalley Library and has received some very positive feedback.

Catherine Finch will be speaking about her writing experience at a talk titled ‘A Sense of Place: Using Familiar Settings in Fiction’. The talk is set to be held at Blackburn Library on Wednesday 17th April at 7pm and is open to all. The schedule includes a lecture and readings from the author followed by refreshments and mingling. The library will be charging a small entry fee on the door.

You can discover more about the author and purchase books from the website:, or visit where Catherine’s books are available in Kindle or paperback format. Visitors to Clitheroe can pick up a copy from Clitheroe Books on Moor Lane or from Fred Holdsworth Booksellers in Ambleside.



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