Problems with your feet? Visit the experts at The Foot Room and see how they can help

The friendly team at The Foot Room are all specialists in feet – so if you have any problems with your feet you can be sure that one of the qualified podiatrists can help resolve any issues.

Co-directors Sarah Carroll and Jen Royle have many years’ experience and have launched a campaign in a bid to raise the profile of podiatry: “It’s surprising how many people go to their doctor or to A&E with foot problems. If you had toothache you would go to the dentist, if you had a problem with your eyes you would go to an optician. Podiatrists, who study the lower limb for over three years, are experts in their field,” explains Sarah.

Celebrating their 10th birthday this year, the specialists at The Foot Room can tackle all manner of foot problems from sports injuries, musculoskeletal problems, ingrowing toenails, verrucae, fungal infections and much more.

One of the musculoskeletal podiatrists, Alice, also has a special interest in hypermobility syndromes. As someone who has hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, she has a particular interest in hypermobility, EDS and other connective disorders. In March she is attending the EDS conference in Paris.

“Knee replacement surgery can also result in patients having an altered foot function and gait. Our MSK team are trained to assess and treat this type of issue. Orthotic therapy can sometimes help with their recovery. What we want to do is get people mobile and back doing what they enjoy.”

The Foot Room also offers fascial manipulation administered by qualified podiatrists to treat soft tissue conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, heel pain and sciatica.

The practice has the latest state-of-the-art equipment keeping The Foot Room at the top of their industry. They offer specialist bio-mechanical assessments using a treadmill and video technology. They have the latest Swift technology to treat verrucae: “Don’t leave it two weeks before your holiday to start considering verruca treatments, in the hope it will be gone before your trip. Two weeks just isn’t enough time. Now is the time to start looking at treatment options,” advises Sarah.

The Foot Room podiatrists perform in-house surgery for ingrowing toenails with a great after-care package. The clinic has a biomechanical suite, verruca suite, spa suite and a traditional podiatry suite.

“Many people are reluctant to address their foot problems as they find it embarrassing, but nothing will shock us,” adds Sarah.

As well as dealing with painful and more serious foot problems, the team carries out regular pedicures to prepare feet for summer, including a luxury warm wax therapy treatment that can help re-hydrate feet. It can also offer relief for chilblains and joint paint: “We have had great success with that, having wax painted onto your feet is one of the most relaxing treatments we offer, it really helps the mind and soul.”

Patients at The Foot Room also get a free annual foot review, checking circulation and for loss of sensation. These reviews occasionally bring to light subtle changes in health and can reveal underlying problems such as diabetes and heart conditions.

“We treat patients of all ages, from children through to elderly, men and women. We want to help them, as most foot problems can be successfully treated. We want the end result to be happy feet!”

All the podiatrists at The Foot Room are HCPC registered podiatrists providing podiatry assessment, diagnosis and treatment at the Longridge and Broughton Clinics.

The Foot Room
2 Towneley Road, Longridge PR3 3EA
01772 378812



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