Harley Street Comes To Lancashire!

A fabulous treatment favoured by celebrities, can transform, lift and rejuvenate sagging skin and reduce lines and wrinkles

Award winning medical and lifestyle clinic RejuvaMed has brought several new treatments to the Ribble Valley over recent months including the Elipse gastric balloon, which can transform the lives of those who have problems losing weight, miraDry for those with excessive underarm sweating, and oculoplastic surgery to treat loose and saggy upper eyelids.

As an established family run clinic, led by owners consultant doctor Grant McKeating and his wife Charlie, RejuvaMed has built an enviable reputation for quality care, with excellent patient feedback over many years.

Dr Grant says: “It’s now four months since RejuvaMed brought the incredible Morpheus8 to the Ribble Valley, and our patients can’t get enough of it! We’ve seen incredible transformations of the face and neck with lift and tightening that have delighted our patients.”

Morpheus8 has taken the world of cosmetic medicine by storm and is now the ‘go-to’ treatment in the celebrity world to rejuvenate the face and body, with rave reviews from the likes of Judy Murray, Amanda Holden and Kim Kardashian.

So what IS Morpheus8?
Morpheus8 is a combination of two anti-ageing treatments in one. This ‘power couple’ together triggers our own natural healing mechanisms of collagen and elastin production, without injections into the face or body. Not only can this treatment improve the appearance of sagging and excess fat in the face and neck, it can also reduce pigmentation, treat acne scars, fade stretch marks and reduce lines and wrinkles.

Morpheus8 combines microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) technologies, both of which work to create controlled trauma. Microneedling creates ‘micro-trauma’ in the skin, stimulating the healing response, whilst RF uses heat to ‘shrink wrap’, tighten and lift the skin at a deeper level. In effect, by combining the two technologies together, Morpheus8 gives you two treatments in one, with enhanced and much faster results!

An anaesthetic numbing cream is applied to the skin before treatment to ensure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible. The skin may be a little pink for a day or so afterwards, but down time is minimal.

This non-invasive, relatively painless procedure is safe for all skin tones. Treatments can be performed on any area which exhibits wrinkles, skin laxity, discolouration, acne scarring or stretch marks. It is most commonly used as a rejuvenation and lifting treatment for the face and neck but can also be used to tighten areas such as the thighs and tummy.

You’ll often see results within a few days of your first treatment, however your appearance will continue to gradually improve in the following weeks. For best results, we recommend a course of three sessions of Morpheus8, spaced six to eight weeks apart. Results are then maintained for over a year with bimonthly sessions of Forma skin surface RF treatments. These can now be packaged into a course, with huge savings.

To book a consultation to discuss Morpheus8, call us on: 01200 538668, or email: info@rejuvamed.co.uk

RejuvaMed Skin Clinic & Vein Centre
Holmes Cottage, Woone Lane
Clitheroe BB7 1BG
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