Healthy hearing is crucial to getting the most out of relationships, day-to-day activities and overall quality of life

Preston Hearing Care Centre specialise in superior hearing care and uses more than four decades of experience to ensure patients are offered a personal and friendly service that’s worth tuning in to.

Nestled on Garstang Road in the heart of the city, Preston Hearing Care Centre is a world away from your typical hearing care provider. Stylishly decorated, with an air of relaxation, the environment is calm and welcoming.

Providing the best hearing aids from the world’s leading manufacturers, as well as comprehensive hearing tests, healthcare services and earwax removal, the centre focuses on each individual’s needs and requirements, offering a bespoke and personalised service that takes clear precedence over sales and marketing.

“We take the time and energy to get to know our patients,” explains Simon Bland, one of three audiologists at the centre. “Patient care is our priority, and we ensure the advice, information and products we offer are entirely suitable in terms of comfort and design providing the best possible value for money. Just like having regular sight tests, as we get older it’s important to have a hearing test also.”

As well as taking into account lifestyle and budget, Preston Hearing Care Centre places a huge focus on the science behind hearing loss and degeneration, which helps improve understanding not just for the patient, but for their families too.

“Hearing loss is usually gradual and unnoticeable to the individual but can often cause strain in relationships with family, friends and loved ones. We understand that hearing is life and when the quality of a person’s hearing decreases, they can find themselves lonely and isolated. Relationships can suffer and work can also become difficult,” says Simon.

“As well as being mentally and physically exhausting, hearing loss has also been intrinsically linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, which is why it’s so important for anyone experiencing hearing problems to talk to a professional. As well as being beneficial health wise, hearing aids will drastically improve a person’s quality of life, which is the most important thing.”

With vast improvements to technology and innovation, Preston Hearing Care Centre dispenses all the latest in hearing aid design, catering to a range of budgets, needs and requirements. Rechargeable, hands-free, Bluetooth connectivity, programmable and intuitive background noise reduction coupled with in-built artificial intelligence creates a hearing aid that represents a totally personalised prescription. The Hearing Care Centre offers impartial, professional advice that is cost effective with satisfaction guaranteed.

The centre also goes out of its way to ensure patients are happy and this is reflected in their 5* Google review status. Offering home visits and free demonstrations of the latest technology, the centre also has aftercare appointments, coaching and a ‘drop in’ service.

“We do what we do because we genuinely make a difference to people’s lives,” explains Simon. “Of course, we are a business, but the difference improved hearing can make is profound and it’s an honour to play our part.”

Appointments are available with audiologists Simon Bland, Joanne Persechino and Ged Rowbottom

Preston Hearing Care Centre
167 Garstang Road, Preston PR2 3BH
01772 862000

Hearing Check at the Lytham Clinic
6 Church Road, Lytham FY8 5LH
01253 732211




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