When Chris Taylor realised she couldn’t hear as well as she used to, she turned to expert Nish Vasant at Fresh Hearing. Photography: Robin Lyndon

With three grandchildren and a busy social life, Chris Taylor realised that her hearing wasn’t quite as good as it could be. Husband Brian had also noticed that Chris was struggling and, after reading an article in Live Ribble Valley magazine, she decided to do something about it.

“I read about Fresh Hearing in the magazine – Nish Vasant sounded like he was really caring and patient. So, I made an appointment to go and see him,” explains Chris, who lives in Langho.

“I had become increasingly worried about my hearing, so it was a long time coming. Being quite vain I didn’t want to think about hearing aids, but my visit to see Nish at Fresh Hearing has been life changing!”

At her first consultation with Nish at Fresh Hearing, he listened to Chris’s concerns and suggested the Flex Trial system – a diagnostic hearing system that not only assesses hearing levels, but also gives an insight into an individual’s lifestyle, before they commit to buying a suitable hearing aid.

Nish explains: “Chris had been struggling for a while and when I told her the extent of her hearing loss she was quite upset.”

“Flex Trial is a piece of equipment that not many audiologists have. It gives the patient an idea of how well they can hear as well as information on their lifestyle, which then gives us an insight into what level of technology they need. That means they don’t over spend or under spend – they get exactly what is right for them.”

Chris recalls: “I got quite a shock as my hearing was a lot worse than I had anticipated but Nish was wonderful. He talked me through everything and explained the options and gave me plenty of time to think about it.”

After embarking on the Flex Trial, it was decided that a middle of the range hearing system would be best for Chris, as Nish explains: “We found a system that was based on lifestyle rather than the severity of hearing loss.”

The Unitron Moxi All can connect to any phone, not just iPhones, so Chris is able to hear clearly as the phone is directly connected to her hearing aid system. She is also able to adjust the pitch and volume on her phone to suit her situation.

“It enables me to hear really clearly on my mobile and I can also adjust the volume of the TV through my phone, so it doesn’t affect anyone else. I can also hear when the oven or microwave bleeps – it’s the little things that make a huge difference!” adds Chris, who retired three years ago.

“We also like to socialise so when we are in a restaurant I can adjust the background noise. I can’t tell you what a difference this has made to me. I can hear my grandchildren now, it has made life so much easier and more enjoyable. I can’t praise Nish enough!”

Fresh Hearing
65 Lower Deardengate
Haslingden BB4 5SN
01706 215479



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