Hearing aid audiologist Nish Vasant is transforming peoples’ lives with the latest technology

Nish Vasant helps people of all ages, who have hearing problems, fitting them with high-tech hearing aids that are tailored to their exact needs. As a result they are able to re-engage with family, work more efficiently, and most importantly, feel part of society again.

Among his patients is 85-year-old Bill Mason a former printer, who initially had NHS hearing aids in order to combat his hearing loss. But these weren’t successful and as a result, Bill began to withdraw from conversation, was unable to hear the doorbell or take telephone calls and was forced to turn up the volume of his TV to a level that was uncomfortable for visitors.

When he visited Nish at Fresh Hearing in Haslingden, it was decided to fit Bill with some trial hearing aids to see if any improvement was evident. It was established that Bill would need some custom made-to-measure hearing aids that sit in the ear, as opposed to behind the ear.

“This made a big, big difference to Bill in terms of lifestyle,” says Nish. “He got his hearing back – he is happy.”

In fact Bill, and his family, are more than happy – Bill no longer has the TV ‘on full blast’ and he now joins in conversations. He chats animatedly to his grandchildren and as his family says: “He has not only got his hearing back – he has got his life back. The difference is amazing!”

This is not unusual for people who have suffered from loss of hearing, as Nish explains: “People who are hard of hearing withdraw from society. They can’t engage in conversation and others just think they are being miserable, but that’s not the case. Improving their hearing, improves their life immeasurably.”

Another person Nish has helped over the years is company director Chris Haughton, whose loss of hearing was down to perforated ear drums that had healed but were left scarred. He was originally prescribed a hearing aid for his right ear, but nine years ago he turned to Nish for a more up to date solution. Nish recommended high-tech CIC (completely in the canal) miniature hearing aids: “I was hooked,” says Chris. “This new device was technically superior to anything I had tried previously.”In 2016 Nish persuaded a reluctant Chris to have a Starkey Muse fitted in his other ear as well. This hearing aid includes wireless technology, as Chris explains: “I then decided I needed the same technology in my right ear as well. The difference is incredible!”

With the streaming technology, the Starkey Muse enables Chris to make and receive telephone calls directly into the ear piece and in meetings, from a remote unit placed next to the speaker, he can also stream directly into his ear piece.

“I don’t think people are aware how much technology there is to help with hearing loss. I have conversations with people who are amazed at what I have – and what is available.”

Fresh Hearing
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