This month Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans pays tribute to those who sacrificed their lives in WWI and visits some of London’s most prestigious buildings

Over 16 million people died in WWI and it is right that it is being remembered in a special way on Armistice Day.

Villages and towns have really made extra special efforts to mark this historic occasion and the Ribble Valley remembers those who went to war and never returned. There would not have been a single village in our area that wasn’t affected, and war memorials throughout the country bear the names of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I travelled with British Airways recently and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Ribble Valley featuring large in their on-board magazine. The reason for six pages on the Ribble Valley is due to the fact that we have some of the best restaurants and bistros in the entire country. I know many of my colleagues at Westminster love popping into our area to sample amazing local food. Northcote features due to their sensational food event, Obsession. I went one year and it was beyond stunning!

I visited the Treasury with Beer and Pub Chief Executive, Bridgid Simmonds, and Parliamentary Beer Chairman, Mike Woods. We were asking the Chancellor to remember how important beer is to the UK and tourism. I am President of the group and I want to ensure that Philip Hammond knows that it’s not only whisky for which the UK is admired internationally.

I visited Belfast to witness one of the UK’s amazing manufacturing centres of excellence – Bombardier. They are the makers of the A220 Airbus, which seats around 140 people. They employ over 4,000 and provide a huge boost to the Northern Ireland economy.

Also this month, I visited Mansion House in London to hear the Lord Mayor speak. I went to this amazing architectural masterpiece with Irish MPs from the north and south, along with MPs from devolved administrations.

The Lord Mayor serves a single year term and he told me he has travelled to more than 30 countries banging the drum for UK trade, especially the city. I also attended a conference with these MPs in Canary Wharf and was amazed to see how much building is currently underway. The financial centre of the UK is something I am particularly proud of and it is clearly booming.

I visited the Gherkin, another amazing piece of architecture, to listen to the Chief Minister of Gibraltar tell us about his plans for Gibraltar following Brexit. Theresa May had told us earlier that week that these loyal British citizens will be protected in her negotiations.

Finally the nights are getting darker and the shops are packed full of festive joy. I always smile when I enjoy my first mince pie, and this year the prize went to our local Co-op! My thoughts are with staff who sacrifice some of their festive holidays due to work commitments, especially those in the public services. Can I thank them all on your behalf for their dedication and hope they are able to find quality time with their loved ones.

Amidst all the hard work that goes into making Christmas perfect, let’s remember the special people in our lives.

Merry Christmas!



Tedd Walmsley

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