Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans sees preparations underway for President Trump’s visit and the Trooping of the Colour, and attends a barbeque in the Australian High Commission garden

It was great to celebrate two friends’ birthdays at Clitheroe Cricket Club, a 30th and a 21st – we were made to feel incredibly welcome. It was also fantastic to see so many boys and girls playing cricket on the ground and keeping fit in such a fun way.

In London the President of the United States was greeted by Her Majesty on a tremendous state visit. Sadly, not everyone wanted to greet President Trump and the First Lady and the blimp made another show, but we do pomp and ceremony incredibly well and I understand the President was delighted with the visit. As you can see the police left nothing to chance.

As I was passing through Horse Guard’s Parade I could see the preparations for the Trooping the Colour. I was able to see a few of the horses and riders getting ready for the big day.

Talking of runners and riders, as I write, I am one of the five officers of the backbench Conservative Committee that is conducting the leadership elections to select two candidates to go to the membership of the party for a ballot. I am pictured with acting Chair Dame Cheryl Gillan, who read out the 10 nominations. It is an honour to have such a responsibility and vital role in this historic moment.

I attended a barbeque in the Australian High Commission garden and greeted Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia. I told him what a fan I am of his wonderful country. Scott famously won the General Election just a few weeks ago – his shock victory is a lesson to all politicians that nothing is in the bag or should be taken for granted.

Also recently, I signed a petition to ensure that people with terminal conditions like Motor Neurone Disease get the financial assistance they deserve. If someone is expected to die within six months they get support but if you have something which is terminal but can’t be pinned down to six months then you get nothing. This cannot be right.

Congratulations to the Swan with Two Necks, which has just won through to the next round of the Real Ale Pub of the Year and also the best pub garden in Lancashire. As someone who has a very limited ability in the gardening field and a very small garden, I can only stand in awe of such an amazing setting at the foot of Pendle Hill.

I discussed issues with Longridge Councillor Dave Smith. He is keen to do what he can to get the iconic Townley Arms pub reopened again. I will give all my support to ensure we do not permanently lose this historic ale house.

Finally, I wandered into a church in the City of London and saw a plaque to Sir Christopher Clitherow, who was Lord Mayor of London in 1635. It is an amazing piece of history. He sat in the House of Commons for just one year – I wondered if there was any association with Clitheroe. You never know what you will find when you step into any one of our amazing churches!



Tedd Walmsley

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