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Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans welcomes the arrival of summer and encourages everyone to get out and about in a bid to support local shops and businesses

Summer is here and at last we can all sit outside without the fear of hypothermia! I love going into my Pendleton garden and seeing the flowers blooming and birds swinging into the feeder station. April and May were so depressingly cold, I never thought we would see summer, but here it is!

Also, its great so see crowds, limited as they are, going back into stadiums for Euro 2020. While I am hugely disappointed that we are not seeing a full easing of lockdown this June, I am grateful for the further relaxations on weddings and wakes. At least weddings are no longer limited to the impossibly low number of 30 – and I know this is a huge boost to the amazing wedding venues we have in the Ribble Valley. They have suffered enormously and this has had huge consequential damage to other allied businesses which rely on the wedding trade such as flowers, cakes, food and drink, laundry and accommodation. A real shot in the arm for local business.

Another shot in the arm was my second jab at Blackburn Cathedral. A huge thank you to Dot and Lisa for administering it. My researcher, Jack Buller, 23, proudly told me he has already booked both his jabs. I know there are still a few people out there reticent about getting vaccinated, but can I reassure you that all the data shows that with this new wave, the vaccines are hugely effective in protecting against severe illness, hospitalisation and death. If you have not already done so, book via the NHS website or consult your GP.

A few people have consulted me over plans to alter the Parliamentary constituency under proposals via the Boundary Commission. Please consult how it may impact on you via the Boundary Commission for England website and you may give your views by sending them via their website response portal or send them to me at the House of Commons.

I sat in the Chair of the Commons for a debate on the appalling consequences that some journalists face by simply reporting the news. At the end of the debate, I was able to send good luck to our newest news channel, GBNews and point out that many of their seasoned journalists are greatly respected. We are lucky to live in a free country where you can report critical aspects of the news without fear of being arrested.

I know many businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic but on Clitheroe Market traders tell me they have witnessed a surge in trade. This is music to my ears. I hear as well that the Three Fishes in Mitton is about to be given a new lease of life. The Ribble Valley is truly a magnet for the hospitality trade where local pubs, hotels and restaurants serve the very highest quality local food providing employment and trade for other businesses.

We have also seen new businesses opening up so please, as we see a huge beam of light at the end of the tunnel, let’s all do our bit and give them our custom and support.



Tedd Walmsley

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