How to get 2020 Vision in 2020

Getting the best vision is simple, right? You get your eyes tested and you buy some glasses. But think about how far technology has come in the last 10 years. Has eye testing made the same progress?

The answer is yes, but not everywhere. That’s why The Spectacle Factory wanted to showcase some of the technologies that you might not realise are available to you.

1. Forget about a prescription. Time to get an i.Scription.
Your eye is more unique than your fingerprint. Using an i.Profiler, we can scan the lens in your eye, picking up all the tiny details that make it your own. This gives us your i.Scription, which being 25x more accurate than a standard prescription, improves your night vision, colour vision and contrast perception.

2. See the difference in Virtual Reality.
VR allows you to see the difference new glasses could make before you buy them. You can compare the various lens options to make sure you get the best vision possible.

3. Choosing the right glasses just got easier.
Most people find trying on dozens of frames frustrating and it’s hard to know what styles you suit. The new Visufit 1000 is a game changer. By taking a 3D scan of your face, it allows you to objectively see how you look in many different styles from any angle. Picking the right pair becomes simple.

Most people don’t consider how much difference better glasses and vision could make to them. Why not make 2020 vision top of your list?

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