A wine tasting and Christmas Fair at Stonyhurst College has helped to raise awareness and funds for the Hummingbird Project. Photography: Phil Garlington

A fund-raiser for the Hummingbird Project, which was supported by both Stonyhurst and the local community, proved to be a great success. The main event during the evening was a wine tasting by Bowland Forest Vintners, which certainly put everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Local businesses attending the evening also included Booths, Bowland Food Hall, Kushboo Soaps, Ian Mankin Weavers, The Flower Farm, Bleikers Smoked Salmon, Kitnkaboodle Bags and many more.

The Hummingbird Project is aiming to resettle a refugee family within the Stonyhurst and Hurst Green community this spring. Working with Caristas Diocese of Salford, Stonyhurst has become a community sponsor for a Syrian refugee family, as part of the UK Government’s Community Sponsorship Scheme. Following a petition from the student’s Faith That Does Justice group, Stonyhurst College is the first school in the country to initiate such a resettlement scheme.

The project has brought together staff and parents of the three schools in Hurst Green: Stonyhurst College, St. Mary’s Hall and St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, as well as members of the local Catholic and Anglican parishes and residents of the village.

The location for the fund-raising evening was the Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst, named Theodore House. This beautifully renovated old mill is now a retreat, study and leadership centre and will be available to schools, parishes and groups to use its day and overnight facilities.



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