I Said YES

After the most dreamy weekend in Paris it eventually began to sink in, we were engaged! Olivia Beaty embarks on planning a wedding

Gazing at the sparkling new addition to my left hand it hit me, we’ve got a wedding to plan! Excited yet apprehensive I wondered where should we start?

The best advice I have been given is to enjoy the preparation process and try to not get stressed (easier said than done). A wedding isn’t just about the one day, it’s about the exciting build up, so take your time and have fun visiting venues together and planning your day your own way. It only happens once, so don’t rush it, relax and enjoy the experience!

I have found that wedding fairs are a great way to begin, not only do they help give you some fantastic ideas but they are a lot of fun! Make a day of it, invite your mum or best friend along, browse the suppliers’ stands with a glass of fizz and chat to other brides-to-be.

Lancashire is home to a real variety of wedding venues, from traditional to ultra-modern and DIY style country wedding locations. There are numerous stunning backdrops in the area making it incredibly hard to choose! As with many things, I believe it is only when you are actually there that you can get a real impression of a place – you will be able to feel if the venue is right for you.

Once you have set the date and decided on your magical setting, the wedding co-ordinators will be able to help you by recommending suppliers for everything from flowers and entertainers to transport and churches, leaving you to sort out the more exciting elements – such as the dress!

Your friends and family will be extremely excited for you, let them help! Ask their opinions or give them a job to do. Planning a wedding is a huge task to do by yourselves.

From the moment you say ‘yes’ to that special proposal, to the day you say ‘I do’ at the altar, remember what your wedding day is really about – it’s easy to get fixated by colour schemes and seating plans, but it’s really all about just the two of you and your lifelong commitment to each other. Good Luck!



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