If Looks Could Thrill…

The all-electric Taycan Sport Turismo GTS is a magnificent supercar that is quick, responsive and a real head-turner, writes Paul Agnew. Photography: Peter Austin

If football supremo Pep Guardiola were to change direction and transfer into car management, I wonder which team he would choose.

Given his winning mentality, uncompromising standards and desire to be the best, it surely would have to be one at the peak of its powers – with a superstar performer leading the line.

For ‘team’ read Porsche, for ‘superstar’ read Taycan, particularly the magnificent all-electric Taycan Sport Turismo GTS.

Make no mistake, this is an electric sports car more polished than anything on the road right now. But first and foremost, this is an exceptional sports car because it’s a Porsche.

Those of a pedantic nature might argue against calling it a supercar in the true sense of the word, but no one could disagree that it’s a super sports car – a super, super sports car.

As the estate variant of the Taycan model, also available as an equally stunning, popular and impressive Sport Saloon, the Sport Turismo is currently being hailed by the battle-hardened motoring media as the best high-end vehicle on the market.

And it’s easy to see why.

It positively oozes kerb appeal with an ultra-sleek design (I particularly like the sloping front apron) and a sumptuous interior all about comfort, grace and ease of use. Functionality is close to perfect and the cockpit displays are as good as you’ll find in any car, anywhere.

Among a multitude of features all the usual Porsche refinements are present and correct, including the famous clock, LED door courtesy lights, adaptive air suspension, power steering plus, tinted double-strength LED matrix headlights – incredible illumination for night driving, fixed panoramic roof, privacy glass and Porsche crests here there and everywhere.

The Taycan’s charge ports are located in the two front side sections of the body. AC charging is possible on both sides, while DC charging is also possible on the right side. There’s a generous boot and umpteen accessories to support the action element of the vehicle and those active souls likely to use it with roof racks, top boxes and even dog crates.

Put all of that alongside high-performance thrills with 598hp, a 0-62mph time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 155mph (yes, we are talking about an all-electric car), the clever acoustic engine sound, brilliant throttle and throw in solid family practicality and you have the full package.

It scores well on ‘electric range’ too with the Performance Plus battery delivering more than 300 miles on one charge.

The benefits of all-electric cars are obvious, particularly with regards to the environment and the significant improvement in air quality. With fuss at minimum and efficiency at maximum, they also make sense economically, requiring less maintenance and lower running costs. And the brilliant engineers behind Porsche are showing the world that they can be great fun too.

Quick, responsive, exciting, eye-catching and head-turning, you can trust it 100 per cent to deliver no matter whatever mode you’re in or wherever you’re driving to.

Some sports cars can ride a little on the hard side – not this one. The adaptive air springs and low centre of gravity combine to create a car with immense body control and family-friendly comfort levels.

So, getting back to Mr Guardiola (my guess he’d pick metallic black from the range of colour options to match his touchline jumpers), I’d back him to buy a Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo GTS within minutes of his first sighting. There is no substitute.

But for anyone who might prefer to ‘try first, buy later’, you can now take up a remarkable 24-hour test drive opportunity which Porsche Preston have available.

To experience the Taycan for yourself, contact Porsche Centre Preston and book your thrilling 24-hour test drive (terms and conditions apply).

This will provide ample opportunity for you to experience the amazing drive and see just how well it suits your particular lifestyle.

Take it for a zip down the motorway, drop the kids at the school gates, call in to impress your colleagues at the office – it’s yours to enjoy as you wish.

The only downside to this ‘test drive’ offer is that you have to return it the following day, by which time though I guarantee you’ll be smitten.

Porsche Centre Preston
Centenary House
Watery Lane
Preston PR2 1QJ
01772 911911



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