Featuring some of the UK’s most collectible artists, Longridge Gallery also offers expert framing and restoration services

Longridge Gallery was established in 1985 and has a first class reputation for the quality of the artwork exhibited and its in-house, professional framing services.

Framing is carried out on the premises using the highest quality materials and equipment.

“In the 19 years I’ve owned the business we have framed an incredible range of items,” says Alistair Sheret. “As well as customers’ photographs and own artwork we regularly frame sports memorabilia, particularly football and rugby shirts, and militaria, particularly medals and citations. Increasingly we are framing school leavers’ shirts, signed by their contemporaries. Every item comes with its own story and it’s great to preserve these items and associated memories, ensuring they continue to tell their story of that time in the customer’s life.”

In addition to framing, a range of complementary services are also offered.

“We are a one-stop shop for our customers’ needs,” comments Alistair.
“We work with two superb restorers who are experts in their field. If a painting is damaged, mouldy, torn, faded or so on we work alongside our customers and restorers to bring those items back to as close to their original state as can be achieved.”

Artwork and photographs can also become creased, wrinkled and bent, particularly if they have been tubed. The gallery offers an in-house dry mounting service that can permanently and safely fix these problems.

The gallery’s customer base extends across the whole of Lancashire for its work with textiles. Needlework, tapestries, cross-stitch, quilting and lace are framed using traditional stretching methods and conservation materials.

“Lancashire has some incredibly talented textile hobbyists. We don’t use staples, glue or tape when stretching their work. The hours that some of our customers spend on their work demands that our input is of the highest standard. We ensure that there will be no slippage or degradation caused by improper materials.”

Canvas stretching is also carried out on the premises. The gallery makes its own stretcher bars so any size can be accommodated. Recently, Fleetwood Museum chose the gallery to stretch a 1959 original painting that had been donated. Measuring over three metres by two metres, the canvas now hangs proudly in the museum. Not all the work is quite so large and holiday mementoes have been stretched from the four corners of the globe.

Of course if you don’t have anything to frame but need some artwork to enhance your home, Longridge Gallery is the perfect place. Specialising in the region’s and country’s most collectible artists, the gallery has a constantly changing range of original paintings, signed limited edition prints and sculpture. Featured artists include Doug Hyde, Kerry Darlington, Sherree Valentine Daines, Steven Townsend, Leigh Lambert and Rozanne Bell. Why not call and see the latest collections?

Longridge Gallery
78 Berry Lane, Longridge, Preston PR3 3WH
01772 782006



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