It’s been a busy summer for Chipping Pony Club, with members enjoying camps, taking Achievement Badges and Efficiency Tests and the jewel in the calendar – the Regional Championships, writes Paula Kopydlowski. Pictures: W Parrott Photographic Service

Chipping Pony Club is one of the smaller clubs in the country, so to qualify for the dressage, show jumping and eventing at the Regional Championships at Eland Lodge, Derbyshire, is quite something. There are no cheap, easy, quiet qualifiers. Chipping were up against the bigger clubs with more members and more funding. Yet over the summer, we watched with pride as Oliver Conlon, Olivia Jones, Lauren Barrett and Erin Kopydlowski qualified for the dressage. Oliver Conlon, Miles Kenyon, Olivia Jones and Erin Kopydlowski qualified for the show jumping and Olivia Jones, Lauren Barrett and Oliver Conlon qualified for the eventing.

When dressage day came all the team members executed a brilliant test in the grass arenas in a very formal, tense atmosphere. Erin and her pony Binc performed exceptionally well with an astounding 78.75 per cent (189 marks) to win her arena and score the highest mark of the day – nine clear marks between Erin and second place. The team of Erin, Olivia, Lauren and Oliver were placed overall sixth out of 22 teams – everyone was absolutely thrilled with the results.

The hottest day of all, brought show jumping and a big, wide, imposing course was making some team members a little nervous, but show jumping ace Cath Barrett and her daughter Lauren kindly gave up their time to walk the course with the team and were able to calm everybody’s nerves and provide some tips and reassurance.

After two rounds and a jump off, Chipping were placed eighth out of 23 teams! The shining star of the day, Olivia riding Roy, took second place individually out of 124 competitors – three superb clear rounds. What a combination and congratulations to them!

Chipping’s eventing team of Olivia, Lauren and Oliver completed their one day event – Lauren’s horse, Popcorn, was fresh and ready for the day and finished with a super dressage score of 29 and an apparent double clear but incurred 20 penalties on the cross country for reasons that are unclear.

However, onwards and upwards, Lauren and Popcorn go home on a high, Lauren feeling that her young horse is benefitting and improving with all this experience.

Oliver and Olivia’s ponies were a little tired having competed on the previous two days in the intense heat, so no team or individual placings, but what a fantastic weekend Chipping had! Well done to each and every one of our competitors!

If you are interested in joining the Pony Club, please contact Chipping’s District Commissioner Joanne Conlon 07739 687972 or email:



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