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Paula Kopydlowski reports on the recent Winter League competitions, triathlons and training which have set Chipping Pony Club off to a good start in 2020. Photography: by Paula Kopydlowski, Melanie Whiteside, Joanne Conlon and Blueski Photography

Chipping Pony Club have two triathlon’s already under their belt this year, one of which was hosted by Pendle Forest and Craven Hunt Pony Club, taking place in Barnoldswick and Coniston Cold, the other held in Mold in Flintshire, North Wales. Kaitlin Bolton, Oliver Conlon, Lola and Erin Kopydlowski have enjoyed personal bests and some considerable success in the placings by running in muddy fields, swimming as far as they can in three minutes and shooting a pistol from seven metres with one hand. Chipping are now looking forward to the area qualifiers.

A mini rally was held to help junior members practice their flatwork, jumping and games skills. Fun is the order of the day, and learning takes place as a result.

Round Three of the Area 4 Winter League Dressage was held in January at Warren Farm, Formby and Heat Three of the Area 4 Winter League Show Jumping also took place at Northcote Stud in Langho. Two early weekend starts and two very long days saw a good turnout from Chipping’s members. Everybody in Chipping Pony Club is encouraged to take part in these competitions and all are invited to be a team member – it is a great way to get used to competitive riding. Many elite riders came through Pony Club.

The Dressage competition saw young member Grace Robinson riding her grey pony Elcon Giovannah navigate a lovely test without a lead rein and score a very respectable 67.67 per cent. Erin Kopydlowski took two of her ponies, Little Miss Millicent and Egoes Ji-Binc in the Grassroots and Novice tests respectively. Both ponies were full of beans and added their own dance steps to the required movements with some bucking, described as ‘irregular canter rhythm’ by a judge with a sense of humour. Amy Fishwick took her new, young horse Calledra Honey Belle and attracted some very positive comments from the judge, Lola Kopydlowski rode a beautiful calm test on her mother’s ex racehorse Silver Steel and Megan Conlon rode Balladeer Tiny Tempah in the Novice and Intermediate classes, taking home fifth place in the Intermediate and qualifying for the ride-offs.

Show jumping on Sunday proved to be the best day for Chipping. After three rounds of show jumping, Chipping Eagles (Ella King riding Bricknell Bibury, Erin Kopydlowski riding Egoes Ji-Binc, Oliver Conlon riding Joey Good Time and Miles Kenyon riding Gemini Star) won the entire competition for Chipping, out of 31 teams, with very fast times. Erin took individual first place out of 121 riders, Oliver taking individual second and Miles taking individual fourth. What a result for Chipping! Evie Barton and Coevers Clover Lad, Amy Fishwick riding Calledra Honey Belle and Erin Kopydlowski riding Little Miss Millicent also formed a team for Chipping, Amy and Erin both having a pole down and Evie riding three beautiful clear rounds.

It’s all to play for in the next Winter League competitions!

Chipping Pony Club are hosting a range of cross-country training events at various venues in the coming months, an achievement badge ‘Getting Your Pony Fit’ at the gallops in Gisburn and there are the usual fundraisers, rallies, training and camp.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Chipping’s District Commissioner Joanne Conlon 07739 687972 or email:



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