A stunning eco-friendly material used for striking contemporary walls and surfaces, celebrates subtle and beautiful natural imperfections

Loved by architects and designers and handmade in Lancashire, Silicastone is an innovative, eco-architectural material made from recycled waste materials including glass from TV and VDU screens, ceramic and other mineral additives.

Exclusively distributed by Panaz, Silicastone can be found at Rockform, the only showroom in the whole of Lancashire where the full range of products will be available.

Silicastone is a totally unique product suitable for both interior and exterior use to create stunning feature walls and solid surfaces. The primary inspiration was to produce a beautiful product that would enhance whichever environment it occupied whilst being greener and more sustainable than any similar products available.

Coupled with this was an aim to make products that inspire and excite architects, designers and their clients by offering something aesthetically unique with sound sustainable credentials. The products used to create Silicastone would otherwise go to landfill so Silicastone negates reliance on quarrying high volumes of virgin stone whilst increasing the amount of glass that is recycled.

While the benefits of embedding sustainability throughout the construction industry are well established, it often conflicts with a hunger for materials that offer new aesthetics. It is becoming increasingly important that alternative products are developed that offer a striking visual appearance without depleting our natural resources.

Silicastone’s production process excludes chemicals and resin binders but is nonetheless fire and heat resistant as well as recyclable at the end of its life cycle. It has all the qualities and aesthetic appeal of natural stone whilst allowing control of surface texture, colour and tone. Its versatility is limitless.

Living in a world where ‘perfection’ is strived for, designers and architects appreciate the subtle anomalies and beautiful imperfections that occur in Silicastone just as in all of nature.

While Silicastone offers a standard product range, the most exciting and creative challenge is working with architects and designers on bespoke projects, to create something visually exciting.

Embracing a more sustainable way of living as our environment and its resources are finite, Silicastone provides an exciting solution within the construction industry that relies so heavily on raw materials. Silicastone offers architects and designers a genuinely sustainable alternative to natural stone, traditional ceramic surfaces or newer synthetic, polymer-based surfaces.

Panaz will be exhibiting at Design Junction in London (20th-23rd September 2018) where thier new honed solid surface range will be launched. Continuous product development is a cornerstone of thier strategy, watch this space!

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