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Hopefully the hot weather we had over Easter wasn’t our summer and there is more plenty more sunshine to come, as spending time in our garden is a chance to create a stylish haven that the whole family can enjoy

Being outdoors give us the opportunity to swap smartphones for salvias, tablets for terrariums and desktops for daffodils and enjoy our gardens. With more accessories available than ever before, the garden is fast becoming an extra room in the home, with kitchens, firepits, chill out areas and even bars becoming the must haves for our outdoor space.

With the increased popularity in TV programmes such as Love Your Garden and Garden Rescue, these have given us ideas and inspiration to be more creative outside. If you are thinking of making big changes to your garden, it might be worth getting in a landscaper, who can not only make the best use of the space you have but guide you on what plants to plant where.

Furnishings such as patio dining sets and barbeques can be expensive, as can plants, so do some research and look round first. Visit recycling centres for unusual containers rather than buying pots. You might even pick up tools there. Reclamation yards are also a good hunting ground for all things exterior. As are car boot sales.

Grow your plants from seeds or ask for cuttings from friends and neighbours. Make your own compost and be smart with bulbs. They are less expensive in the autumn. You can make some small changes by simply changing the colour of your fence. Go for something which brightens up the garden rather than sticking to brown or grey. Make containers up from old items around the house.

Wheelbarrows, tyres, chimney pots, all could be made into a feature if you just use a bit of creativity.

Lighting has become big in the garden. There are plenty of solar lanterns on the market, but you could make your own, either out of an old clean tin can and put some holes in it, creating your own pattern, then place a tea light inside or an LED tea light for safety. Alternatively use a glass jar.

Illuminating your garden needn’t be with actual lights. You could make striking features that glow in the dark by using special paint on objects around your garden. Mostly for decorative light, you could transform an area of your garden and make it personal to you, whether it’s a planter, pebbles or the side of your shed.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to appreciate your garden. What will give you more pleasure is making it your own personal space for you and the family to relax and enjoy and hopefully soak up the sun.



Tedd Walmsley

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