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It’s time to put the excuse book down – there’s a pioneering gym in Longridge that’s accessible to its members 24 hours a day, seven days a week, writes Emma Brereton

One of the region’s leading gyms is taking on new memberships at its long-established popular gym, which features first-class equipment and some of the best personal trainers Lancashire has to offer.

So much more than a space to exercise, Fitness Plus on Kestor Lane, Longridge, was created by managing director and head coach, Will Smith, who wanted to design a gym where people could exercise, educate themselves about nutrition and tackle fitness concerns with a holistic approach.

“Fitness Plus welcomes everyone regardless of fitness level, size or shape – whatever your goal is we are here to do what we can to help you achieve it,” says Will.

“We want to work with people who are searching for support to make the life-long changes they have always hoped for when it comes to health and wellness. It’s not just about coming to the gym for a workout, it’s about analysing someone’s nutrition and overall lifestyle and working with them to create healthier habits.”

Fitness Plus prides itself on its approach to inclusivity. There are membership packages to suit all lifestyles, with Blue Light discounts also available. Every package includes 24/7 weekend access as well as an extensive induction process to ensure every member is confident with all the equipment on the gym floor.

The gym features high-end kit including free weights, cardio and plate loaded machines – as well as having some of the region’s most knowledgeable personal trainers to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Other great features include the reception area regularly stocked with leading fitness merchandise, a consultation area and showering facilities for all members.

“We know it can be daunting visiting a gym for the first time so we do everything we can to make all potential and new members welcome. As a team we have all undergone extensive training in how to make people feel at ease in a gym environment including how to deal with anxiety within an exercise setting,” adds Will.

“I do everything I can to ensure that we get to know our members well so if they’re not achieving their goals we can sit down, talk about what they are doing and work out why. It’s about finding longevity in fitness and not settling for quick fixes. It has to be a lifestyle change over a fad diet.”

The gym also has online learning resources relating to fitness and nutrition. The reception area is always stocked with leading protein supplements including drinks, shakes and bars and the team often hand out free samples for members to try.

Fitness Plus has invested in its own app that members can download to check the gym’s capacity so you can see when it’s likely to be quiet if a quiet work out space is something you’re looking for.

“Members can see how busy the gym is at any given time, which is great and with our Platinum package you can visit the gym any time, day or night so you’re sure to find a quiet time to come and work out.”

Fitness Plus also has a multitude of safety measures in places including temperature checkers, sanitisers, wipes and sprays so members can feel confident when they work-out.

For more information on how to apply for membership and pricing go to: or call 01772 366004

Fitness Plus
Stonebridge Mill, Kestor Lane
Longridge PR3 3AD
01772 366004



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