Key Ingredients For A Fabulous Kids Party

At last, the kids can mingle and have their birthday parties again. And given the amount of birthday parties they’ve missed out on, the pressure is on the parents to make this next party absolutely out of this world

If you’re planning a kids sleepover party, then the current must have trend is for super cool individual tepees. Each child gets their own little tent to sleep in or make a den out of. They can be customised to suit the theme of your party, from pretty pink princesses, multi coloured unicorns, Harry Potter, superheroes, football or whatever it is that your kid loves. Carly Creegan of Starry Night Sleepovers can transform your living room into a sleepover oasis your kids will love.

Or what about a glamping movie night? A big tepee set up in your garden complete with a big screen projector to watch their favourite film on and little glamourous beds to camp out on. Just hope it doesn’t pour down.

When it comes to the added extras the most important item has to be the cake. Kids birthday cakes these days are big, bold, colourful and creative. There goes Colin the Caterpillar. Multiple tiers, lashings of fondant icing and butter cream, decorations galore and amazing cake toppers to stay in with your theme.

To avoid the what to wear debate, opting for a theme can also give you fancy dress options. Pirates, princesses, footballers or Harry Potter characters. There’s loads of possibilities and it’s great to see the kids all dressed up.

And don’t forget the party bags! Custom printed bags filled with themed treats and little takeaway gifts or mementoes. Along with a big slice of birthday cake to keep the kids sugar levels topped up for a bit longer. Perhaps add another slice for the parents for good measures.

And if you really don’t want your kids 30 best friends running riot in your house then I hear a trip to Blackpool Zoo is just as amazing and they have party packages and animals to pet, which will save your house cat from hiding for three days.

Be sure to let the kids in on the planning process so they can take charge of invitation distribution and what themes and colours they would like.

As parents we just long for days when a trip to the pirate boat in McDonalds for Happy Meals was classed as fancy and everyone got a paper hat to wear. It was good enough in our day.



Tedd Walmsley

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