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An education is about preparation for life, and the independent schools here in Lancashire do an excellent job giving children many opportunities that serve them well in later years

Academically, as well as preparing pupils for exams, independent schools tend to encourage students to go beyond the curriculum and adopt a love of learning rather than just seeing their education as an academic gateway to university.

A survey has revealed that pupils from the independent sector are three times more likely to get top grades at A-level than state school pupils, so it’s not surprising that despite the recent tough economic climate, thousands of parents choose to send their children to independent schools.

But it’s not purely for academic reasons that parents turn away from the state sector. Many opt to send their children to independent schools because of the varied extra-curricular activities on offer including sport, music, drama, dance, debating societies, community service and CCF. These all provide enjoyment and experience for children and it has a positive effect on the academic side of their school life too. With many independent schools attracting boarders from all over the world, pupils have the advantage of an international education enabling them to learn about other cultures and countries. This enables both boarders and day pupils to develop skills that enable them to socialise and mix with confidence, making friendships that last a lifetime.

Extracurricular programmes build skills and promote enthusiasm, they are also character forming with students often developing life skills such as teamwork and resilience – which are just as, if not more important than top exam grades. Children who often get left behind in state schools benefit from smaller classes and those who are reticent learn that by joining clubs and interacting with their peers gives them more confidence in the long term. It’s also good to look for schools that will support both over and under achievers and provide encouragement to pupils.

Choosing a school is one of the most important things you will ever do for your children as education is the greatest gift. Choose wisely and you will reap great returns on your investment.



Tedd Walmsley

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