Let’s Give It Up

It’s a known fact that smoking isn’t good for you. The month of October is Stoptober and is aimed at helping those that want to give up, writes Tracy Hargreaves

Stoptober, the 28-day stop smoking campaign from Public Health England, is back from 1st October for its seventh year.

Stoptober has driven over one million quit attempts to date and is the biggest mass quit attempt in the country. It’s based on research that shows that if you stop smoking for 28-days, you are five times more likely to stay smoke free for good. But for some, it’s not that easy.

Smoking, like any drug is an addiction, so it’s important not to come off the nicotine straight away. No matter how long you have smoked for, stopping or initially cutting down will make improvements to your health, but make sure you are doing it correctly and always seek medical advice first.

But for success at giving up, what works for one person may not work for another, however the main thing for everyone to have is a support network around you to help when you are struggling.

Think of a goal or a reason why you want to give up as an incentive. Saving money, family, health etc, then see what options are available to help.

Join a support group. Some people find that by talking to others either face to face or online, who are going through the same thing helpful to realise that they aren’t alone.

There are different smoke free medicines to choose from, either over the counter or on NHS prescription, but talk to your GP first about which ones might be better for you.

Download the free smoke free app. The app helps you stay on track, providing motivation and support on the go and when you need it most. It will help you stay motivated each day, track the days you’ve been smoke free and see how much you’re saving and distract you when you’re craving.

Think of something you really want to buy and put the money away each week that you would have spent on cigarettes. You will quickly realise how much money you are saving, and it enables you to treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted.

Switch to an E-cigarette. Whilst not completely risk free, these can be effective if combined with other support.
Sign up to https://quitnow.smokefree.nhs.uk to receive a daily email, which will give you tips and advice to help you over the 28 days of Stoptober.

So, give it a go and get to your goal. Good luck!



Tedd Walmsley

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