As we move into spring, our riding options begin to change and we can make use of the many paths and tracks the UK has to offer. This ride takes you along the Lancaster Canal

Route: 19.6miles / 31.5km over mixed terrain
Elevation: 101m / 334ft
Difficulty: 2 / 5

Canal paths are a great way to explore the local area, seeing how they cut through the landscape connecting towns together. For canal paths we recommend some wide grippy tyres, and leave it a couple of days after rainfall, unless you don’t mind a little mud.

This ride starts off in Kirkham town centre. Heading east out of the town towards Preston, take the left hand turn onto Carr Lane that is signposted for Treacles and Inskip. Follow the road for around three miles until you reach The Hand and Dagger Inn. On the right had side of the road you will notice a set of steps that will lead down to the canal.

Once you are on the canal path you can head right and it will take you into Preston, but today we are going left towards Lancaster. Follow the canal for around 6.5 miles, cutting under the motorway you will feel like you have found some new secret routes.

Once you reach Old Nell’s, come back up onto the road, if you want to extend your ride, now is the time. You can carry on up the canal, heading into Garstang, then can navigate to Lancaster, if you cross over the A6 you are straight into the Forest of Bowland and climbing galore, but today we are keeping it short and you want to head up the road with Old Nell’s on your right back towards Kirkham.

Follow the road straight for two miles and you will reach a bend in the road with a fork off to the left signposted for Inskip. Take this and then take the left at the end. Turn left again into Inskip, head through the village turning right at the Derby Arms. The road will lead you all the way back to Treacles where with a right turn you can head back to Kirkham.
Enjoy the ride.




Tedd Walmsley

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