This is a relatively easy walk over sheep pasture in Chipping Vale. Long distance views to be had are Wolf Fell and Parlick to the north and Longridge Fell to the south

Chipping – Loud Mytham
Distance: 4.5 miles
Time: 1 hr 50 minutes

On this walk, after the Gibbon Bridge Hotel, the path follows the lovely River Loud to Loud Mytham. Thereafter a pleasant stroll through fields leads back to Chipping.

1 The walk starts along Windy Street next to the Sun Inn. At Town End go over the stone bridge on the left and take the path to the right diagonally across the field (bearing 180 deg) to the stile at the top left-hand corner. Follow the wire fence on the left over a series of stiles to its end. The path continues along the old hedge as it curves around to Pale Farm. (20 mins)

2 Keep to the right of the house after the stile, turn left through the court yard and then sharp right after the first house. The path goes under the lovely pergola and over the stile. Follow the old hedge on the left. At the sheep pen go straight through and continue to follow the hedge. After a plank bridge the path leads on to the Gibbon Bridge Hotel. (20 mins)

3 At the road turn right; the path starts over the bridge on the left and follows closely to the bank of the River Loud. Watch out for the footbridge over the beck. After the footbridge turn sharp left to cross the river over the stepping stones. The path follows the river to Loud Mytham Bridge. (30 mins)

4 Follow the road – Quiet Lane – to the sharp right-hand bend (400 yards). The path continues following the second footpath sign (bearing 280 deg) across the field to the stile next to the small pond. Turn left at the farm track for about 400 yards and then turn sharp right at the waymarker next to the first tree on the right. The path now continues towards and then follows the edge of Townley Moor Wood. Shortly after the stile the track bears to the left to Dairy Barn. (25 mins)

5 Go through the farmyard and take the farm road to the left. The path continues across the main road and follows the hedge on the right back to Town End. (20 mins)

With thanks to Michael Wainright of Fellscape. For full details please go to the Fellscape website www.fellscape.co.uk



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