This is a lovely winter walk taking in some stunning countryside

Whitewell Circular
Distance: 7.3 miles
Time: 4 hours

The walk starts 20 yards on the right after Whitewell Social Hall. A steady climb uphill leads to a gate. Bear left and head for Raven Scar plantation. Over the main road follow the footpath sign, staying to the right of the plantation and to the left of the next clump of trees. A climb leads to a ladder-stile into the conifer plantation. On exit bear slightly left and head straight ahead to Crimpton. A concessionary footpath avoids the farmyard and leads to the main road.

At the road turn right and take the path immediately left. Walking uphill go over the stile and head for the chimneys of Spire. The path follows the edge of the wood. After passing Spire bear left and head for the break in the trees ahead. The path is a straight line downhill over pasture to the track leading to Browsholme Farm.

Continue down the road. The footpath starts again on the right on the left hand bend. The farm track to Micklehurst appears after a short trek over the meadow. After passing Kinder Barn the path turns right at a wire fence. Passing over a series of stiles, the path descends into woodland and ascends steeply by the side of Lees House Farm. Follow the track to the main road, turn left then right to the T-junction. (2.25 hours)

A choice of return walks to Whitewell is now available.

The path starts at a stile about 20 yards before the T-junction. Go downhill, ford the stream, and follow it to Higher Lees Farm. At the farm turn right and then left along the track. The path continues across a pasture to a stile – bear slightly left and head uphill aiming for the stile at the edge of the wood. The path follows the edge of the wood and then bears left towards Radholme Laund. Go through the farm and follow the stone wall to Higher Top Barn. The path continues first through a metal gate and then a stile. Follow the stone wall on the left and the next stile leads to Whitewell. (70 minutes)

At the T-junction find the gate on the left and follow the path to the stream and then turn sharp left. The path becomes ill defined on approaching the house. Keep left of the house and continue along the track to Lower Lees. At the junction of the farm track turn right to the farm and find the path 20 yards on the left. Follow the edge of the field to a stile, keeping to the high ground and follow the path to the next stile adjacent to the road. Before the stile turn right, go downhill over a plank footbridge and on to the Hodder. Follow the fence on the left over a series of stiles and then a ford. The path goes uphill and follows the edge of Ing Wood and continues in a straight line to the road. Turn left at the road where the path continues a few yards further at a metal gate on the right. From here the path through pasture back to Whitewell is well defined. (90 minutes)

With thanks to Michael Wainright of Fellscape



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