David Turner embarks on a great little loop around the fields to the north of Waddington with views towards Pendle Hill in the distance

Start/finish: Waddington Hospital
Distance: 7km (4.4 miles)
Time needed: 1 hour 45 minutes
Terrain: Fields and tracks, can be muddy after heavy rain, stiles to traverse

Starting from the eastern side of Waddington Hospital, head over the stone stile and continue on and over the next stile a little further on. From this point, follow the edge of Hospital Wood on the left passing over a few more stiles along the way.

After reaching the stone stile at Feazer Farm, go sharp right up to the road before turning left into the yard and then bearing left again to another stile in the corner of the field beside the water treatment building.

Once again, follow the edge of the woodland on your left to the wooden footbridge across Waddington Brook. Make your way over the bridge and up between the houses to Mill Farm.

Turn left at Mill Farm along the track and cross over the B6478. Go over the stile and head over the fields towards Daisy Hill. Keep to the left of the house and go through the gate. Turn right towards the house and then take the stile on the left.

Make your way over more fields until you arrive at a post with multiple footpath arrows. At this point, turn left and head down towards the woodland. Follow the edge of the wood all the way down to a metal gate on the farm road.

Turn right through the gate and after a few metres turn left through another gate and follow the path down through the woodland.

Upon reaching the road, turn left for 100 metres before following the footpath sign on the right which leads over a bridge and out into more fields. Head straight across to a stile in the corner and turn left on the farm track before taking the stile on the right. Go across the fields and over the footbridge. Bear right on the other side and follow the hedge to Hollins Clough. Follow the path around to the right and keep straight on looking for a stile on the left.

Go over the stile and continue across the field towards the cement factory in the distance. Go through the gate and keep the hedge on your left. Carry on to meet the large stone wall a little further on. At the wall, turn right and go over the stone stile. A few hundred metres on the path will deliver you back into Waddington village.

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